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बिना जरूरत क्या पैसों के लिए हो रहा है सिजेरियन डिलीवरी?

मातृत्व, जीवन का वो सुख जिसके बिना एक स्त्री अधूरी है। मातृत्व का एहसास भर से दुनिया ममतामयी हो जाती है। मातृत्व से ही...

Abortion Kills 20 Lakh Women Every Year: Survey

Abortion remains highly restricted in India. The governing law, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (1971), permits abortions before 12 weeks of pregnancy by a registered medical practitioner or before 20 weeks of pregnancy with the approval of two registered medical practitioners, but only if the mother or child's mental or physical health is in danger. A slightly more liberal amendment is under consideration, but still does not allow abortion if the woman simply wishes to terminate the pregnancy.

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