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Bollywood celebs discuss #MeToo movement

Actress Swara Bhaskar has revealed she was sexually harassed by a director but it took her nearly six to eight years to realise what...
pepper spray

CSR: Why Women In India Should Carry Pepper Spray

“I was just walking on the beach, minding my own business. I wouldn’t have even noticed him if he hadn’t called out to me...

What Is Consent? #MeToo

Consent is a highly misunderstood concept in India. With the #MeToo movement taking the country by the storm, there are men who are completely...
feminists for metoo

Feminists Speak Out In Solidarity With #MeToo

It’s almost a year now since the #metoo hashtag broke through whisper networks on sexual harassment and initiated a worldwide movement. While the initial...
safer workplaces for women

6 Ways to Make Offices Safer for Women Post #MeToo

As more incidents of sexual harassment in the corporate sphere emerge from #MeToo in India, the discussion on making workplaces safer for women gets...
gender sensitivity

Gender Sensitivity Is Antidote To Sexism

In the wake of the #metoo explosion in India, we explore the sexism debate. Sexism exists in women as well as in men; it...

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