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Brand Building Through Corporate Social Responsibility

For every rupee spent on CSR, firms should spend 10 rupees on marketing the said initiative. Corporate social responsibility has become one of the...
FSSAI Mandate for Food Brands

FSSAI Mandates Brands To Stop Using Misleading Words in Advertising Food Products

Pure, organic, fresh, natural, authentic are some of the words that the FMCG industry commonly use to describe their products. These words which play...

Opinion: Are Our Ads ‘Greenwashing’ You?

‘Greenwashing’ is the act of advertising or marketing a product as eco-friendly without actually being such in business practices or process.

‘Responsible’ Marketing: Going Beyond the Bottom Line

How do you connect social responsibility with the overall marketing strategy of a company? As social responsibility becomes the flavour of the season in Indian advertising, companies are looking to realign their messages to acquire consumer confidence

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