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सीएसआर से संवार दिया गांव, पीएम मोदी भी हुए मुरीद

अमितेश कुमार, एक साधारण सा नाम, ना पहचान, ना कोई रूतबा, ना कोई शख्सियत। अमितेश ने पढ़ाई के दौरान सीएसआर (CSR) को जाना और...

Free online crash course for JEE and NEET 2020 exams

Edvizo, an IIT alumnus startup, has launched a free online crash course to help students give the final touch to their preparations for JEE...

IIT Alumni Come Together For Social Change

Alumni from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have come together to form a body — along the lines of NASSCOM — which will act...

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