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Launch of Sustainability Garage, (L-R) Manu Saale, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India and Dr. H S Nagaraja, Chief Mentor of Prayoga Institute of Education Research

Launch of Collaborative Initiative to Foster Eco-Friendly Materials Research and Education for a Greener Tomorrow

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) today launched the 'Sustainability Garage' - a Mercedes-Benz initiative, for promoting innovation in sustainable mobility.  In association with...
STL Pune

Top CSR Projects in Pune

Pune is close to the nation's financial capital and an emerging hub for business and information technology. This flourishing, culturally rich city belongs to...
Bevisioneers Fellowship

CSR: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship kickstarts environmental action, equipping its first 100 young innovators to bring their planet-positive ideas to life

This July marks the start of beVisioneers, a one-of-a kind fellowship for environmental action. Chosen from more than 1000 registrants, the first 100 young...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Mercedes-Benz hosts its first Sustainability Dialogue in India

New Delhi, India: Mercedes-Benz hosted the first edition of its Sustainability Dialogue in India today. The 2023 edition of the dialogue focused on ‘Sustainable...

Study highlights gaps in road safety for children

Children face a high degree of risk while commuting to and from school due to poor road planning, limited enforcement and poor traffic behaviour....

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