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Rethinking Profitability: Embracing Sustainability as the Path to Future Profits

In today's business landscape, the prevailing belief among many leaders is that pursuing sustainability comes at the cost of profitability. However, a recent report...

Transforming food production and consumption for the 2030 agenda

The importance of food, agriculture and land use to sustainable development is clearer than ever. Transforming the entire food production system could significantly help...

Accenture, Cisco and Quest Alliance team up to skill youth for the digital economy

Accenture, Cisco and Quest Alliance are teaming to equip 1.5 million youth across India with skills for the digital economy. As part of a...
Accenture skilling in rural Karnataka

Accenture and READ India Empower Women in Rural Karnataka

To improve the employability and livelihood of more than 150 underprivileged women and young girls, Accenture and READ India are launching a rural community...

Banks Joining In: Artificial Intelligence

A lot of banks are introducing humanoid robots to answer customer queries in their branches in metro cities, like Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai.

FICCI Study: wp Can Offer Connectivity, Subsidy Aid to 50,000 Villages

INDIAN corporates can provide mobile connectivity to 50,000 villages, and help government in reducing budgeted fertilizer subsidy burden by 80 percent, from the wp

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