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SBI General Insurance marked World Cancer Day by pledging to support cancer treatment of underprivileged kids

SBI General Insurance has pledged to support the cancer treatment of underprivileged kids suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. For enabling this, SBI General has launched the campaign, #MakeHopeWin starting on World Cancer Day yesterday.
Under this CSR campaign, SBI General has pledged to donate Rs. 500 for every general insurance policy issued through their digital assets from February 4-28, towards this cause. The donated funds will be extended to enable treatment and post-treatment care of cancer-affected underprivileged kids through CanKids Kidscan NGO.
Under the umbrella of this CSR campaign, SBI General also aims to bring in some hope and positivity through the ones affected by cancer. As a part of the campaign, the Company will urge cancer survivors to share their stories of grit and strength on social media which in turn will provide hope to more people battling with cancer, thereby together we all can #MakeHopeWin.
PC Kandpal, MD & CEO, SBI General said, “At SBI General, it has always been our endeavour to contribute to the society at large. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, every year approximately 1.16 million new cancer cases are observed in India. It is estimated that one in 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime and one in 15 will die of the disease. Considering such facts, at SBIG, we have conceptualized and launched this initiative called #MakeHopeWin.”
“With this initiative, we intend to help the underprivileged kids by contributing towards their treatment through the Cankids Kidscan NGO, by donating Rs.500 for each policy sold digitally from February 4-28, 2021. We will also encourage our engaged social community of lakhs of followers to rally behind this important cause and support it.”

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