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Top Platforms that are Empowering Indian Women

The overall success of any nation is determined by the socio-economic progress of the entire population, India is no exception there. According to the latest studies, the average female employment rate in India is 56%, which got highly impacted in 2020 due to the pandemic. To combat the post-pandemic employment crisis, a plethora of social media-based apps & platforms created various earning opportunities for women in India, thereby, empowering them. With the advent of internet technology, the paradigm of women’s emancipation in India has seen a new sunrise. In recent times, numerous social media avenues and online apps have empowered women by upskilling and educating them in India. Here is a list of such powerful social media apps and platforms, which have positively paved the way for women to learn, earn and thrive.

1. Good Glamm

The Good Glamm is a brand that has one of the best portfolios of digital content companies and creator/influencer platforms. It is a conglomerate that houses brands like POPxo, Plixxo, ScoopWhoop, Baby Chakra, St. Botanica, Oriental Botanics business, and Miss Malini. Good Glamm has made investments in Feminan hygiene care brand Sirone and a wellness brand dedicated to child & mother care namely ‘The Mom’s Co’.Good Glamm is a brand that is listed among the successful women-oriented enterprises of India, the seasoned entrepreneur joyfully compares her journey to a vehement roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, a ride which has mentored her in her entrepreneurial skills. By 2020, Good Glamm had over 2,000 points of sales across 50 cities in India, and by March 2021, it touched 10,000 points of sales across 70 cities in the country. With such a roaring success rate, the brand has fulfilled the promise of generating employment avenues for Indian women. At present, Good Glamm is a brand that works ardently for the upliftment of women by introducing various career and learning avenues for them.

2. Pankhuri

Pankhuri is an eminent online platform, where women who share similar interests in the field of fashion, beauty, Art & Craft, etc. can cohort to upskill them with the knowledge on a plethora of interesting topics. Pankhuri is a dedicated online fraternity, where women can attend the master classes imparted by the experts to enhance their knowledge and learn various artistic crafts, which can help them earn attractive monetary profits and prosper in life. Audiences and subscribers can also shop through Pankhuri via live-streaming sessions, chat, and special women-centric sessions.
Pankhuri secures a 95% success rate when it comes to the successful completion of live-streaming sessions. The brand has recently raised $3.2 million for the emancipation of Indian women. Pankhuri has a dedicated network of over 250,000 women, who fervently participate in beauty, lifestyle, and art & crafts-based tutorials online, which turns out to be a Game-Changer in the field of online audience engagement.

3. Meesho

Meesho is one of the largest Indian social e-commerce platforms, where women can start their online business with zero investment by reselling Meesho’s products to their online contacts. Meesho has successfully created a categorized distribution channel to empower homemakers, young mothers, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and teachers to launch, build, and promote their online business and thereby earn lucrative profits at nominal investments.
50% of Meesho’s audience hail from Tier 2 & 3 Indian cities. The brand claims a vast presence in over 1000 cities across the country with 90% of the platform users being women. Meesho has revolutionized the concept of ‘Work from Home’, especially for women by granting them the liberty and privilege of earning from the comfort of their home, which has benefitted many women to fulfill their aspirations to work, earn and progress in life.

4. Momspresso

Momspresso is one of the famous online platforms for Indian moms to participate in campaigns by brands they love and earn money. It is a very informative platform where women can learn various skills on different topics, can participate in a variety of women-centric discussions, and can vlog too. It is an online platform where 75,000 women pan India create content in form of blogs, videos, and short stories, and there are 25 million women who use the content on-site to learn and upskill themselves.
As per the recent statistics, India is home to 18% of the world’s total population, out of which 48.3% is the female population. Momspresso realizes the significance of serving and promoting Indian women in society, that it runs various women-centric drives to educate women, thereby making them realize and recognize their self-worth.

5. Daalchini

Daalchini is India’s first 24/7 instant snacking destination that provides affordable, healthy snacks, and home-style meals to corporate professionals through IoT-enabled ‘phygital’ (physical+digital) vending machines. The platform creates entrepreneurial opportunities for micro-women entrepreneurs through the Daalchini franchisee. It has 150-plus franchisees/partners. More than 60% of its partners are women.
The platform has generated a lot of fruitful avenues for the income generation of Indian women. Daalchini is a brand whose business model vehemently promotes opportunities for women from all walks of life Pan-India. From the women artisans and cooks who create the fresh snacks to be sold through the platform to its cream management, Daalchini has rewarding career opportunities for Indian women. The brand has elevated the socio-economic status of Indian Women by imparting convenient revenue generation.

6. Industree

Industree was established in 2000 with the brand vision to holistically work for the social and financial upliftment of women by creating an ownership-based, organized creative manufacturing ecosystem for women of India. The brand especially aims for the financial growth of women from rural India.
As the brand claims, through its innovative and women-oriented business model, Industree has impacted over 500000 producers in the last 20 years and has created markets worth USD 58 Million for the well-being of women across India. Industree with a great zeal has created a path for Indian women to walk and thrive on.
The overall upliftment of society is only possible when every class and strata of the social paradigm are included in the endeavors towards success. The mentioned brands have proven the same by working towards the financial independence and social well-being of women. These commercially significant and successful brands have helped a zillion women across India realize their potential and hence materialize their dreams passionately.