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Nayara Energy has set up a Covid Care Centre in Gujarat’s Zakhar village

As the country battles the second wave of the pandemic, Nayara Energy, a downstream energy and petrochemicals company, extended further support for people near its Vadinar refinery.
The company announced the launch of a Covid care centre with 50 beds in Zakhar village, to provide for the care and treatment of Covid-19 positive patients suffering from mild infections in the region. The Covid care centre was virtually inaugurated by Vijaybhai Rupani, Chief Minister, State of Gujarat from his Gandhinagar office.
In the coming months, Nayara Energy plans to strengthen capacity with additional 50 beds and a total of over 100 beds to scale relief efforts and make affordable healthcare accessible to more members of the community. The centre will have 4 dormitory halls, two of which will be equipped with 16 beds along with dedicated oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators, one open hall to accommodate 100 beds with separate toilets for males and females supported by a generator backup facility.
Nayara Energy covid centre Zakhar
Inside the Covid Care Centre set up by CSR of Nayara Energy in Zakhar village
The centre will operate on a 24/7 basis in shifts and will be manned by MBBS doctors, paramedics, attendants & pharmacists. The team will be supported by a senior physician daily. The centre will also have a 24-hours ambulance service with an oxygen facility for transferring patients to the Government hospital in Jamnagar / Khambhalia – GG Hospital and General Hospital. The overall operation and management of the Centre will be led by Nayara Energy supported by Helpage India and the Gram Panchayat of Zakhar.
Appreciating Nayara Energy’s efforts to set up a Covid care centre, Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijaybhai Rupani said, “I would like to congratulate the efforts of Nayara Energy for rising to the occasion in times of crisis, with their spirit of being socially responsible, establishing a Covid Care centre, and providing excellent facilities for the people in and around Zakhar as well as regions within the District. The centre has been designed to provide best-in-class timely and quick Covid Care services. Currently, in Gujarat, in the second wave of the pandemic the number of Covid positive cases are reducing, but we need to be careful until the vaccination drive is completed. Experts are already speaking about the third wave and with facilities like these we are preparing for situations well in advance.”
Dr Alois Virag, Chief Executive Officer, Nayara Energy Limited said, “Nayara Energy recognises the need to mobilise resources and aid the government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic. We stand in solidarity with the people and the Government of Gujarat collaborating with local departments to provide people with necessary food provisions, critical healthcare equipment, protective gears and sanitization equipment. With the Zakhar Covid Care centre, we are proud to further our contribution in our relentless efforts to support the communities around us. Moreover, Nayara Energy is committed to enhance the capacity of the Covid Care centre so that more people in need can access medical care in a timely manner.’’

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