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Jharkhand launches schemes to boost higher education

With an aim to boost higher education in the state, Jharkhand’s new Chief Minister Champai Soren has launched two schemes this week. The CM announced Manki Munda Scholarship and the Guruji Student Credit Card, which are aimed at reducing the financial obstacles on the way to students accessing higher education in the state. The programmes were launched this week at Ranchi’s Tana Bhagat Stadium at a packed inaugural ceremony.
During the launch, Chief Minister Soren handed out credit cards and scholarships to a few students from each scheme. During the event, the Chief Minister also inaugurated a newly constructed 3D theatre at the regional science centre in Ranchi.

How the schemes will benefit students

The Manki Munda Scholarship scheme is aimed at encouraging female students to engage in technical education. The scheme aims to encourage girls to pursue technical education, providing Rs 15,000 annually for diploma courses and Rs 30,000 for engineering.
The Guruji Student Credit Card scheme offers collateral-free education loans of up to Rs 15 lakh with an annual interest rate of 4 per cent. Repayment starts one year after course completion, with the government acting as guarantor.
The chief minister also spoke about the Mukhyamantri Shiksha Protsahan Yojna, under which students are eligible for a monthly stipend of Rs 2,500 to cover their coaching expenses. The purpose is to ensure that financial constraints do not come in the way of students’ trying to pursue higher education.

The CM says

Around 1,200 students have registered for the Guruji Student Credit Card, while 800 have enrolled for the Manki Munda Scholarship, said the CM.
Talking about Jharkhand government’s commitment to education, Chief Minister Soren stated, “This is a significant day for Jharkhand as the government has started two major schemes to remove the hurdles in how students pursue higher education.”
“Education is important as without it, development in family, society, and state is impossible,” he added.
CM Soren also spoke about why higher education is important for the development of children from labour and farming backgrounds.

Benefits for farmers

The Champai Soren government has also decided to provide interest-free loans to Jharkhand farmers, provided they return the loan within the stipulated period.