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JanaJal launches Water Knowledge Resource Centres at water ATMs for urban poor in Delhi-NCR

JanaJal, the technology-enabled safe-water services provider, has launched two Water Knowledge Resource Centres (WKRC) at its water ATMs at AIIMS, New Delhi, and Bhopura Chowk, Ghaziabad.
The initiative has been taken in association with USAID and Safe Water Network under the ambit of their programme SEWAH (Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health). The objective behind setting up WKRCs is to spread awareness among the masses about the need and role of safe drinking water in ensuring good health, wellness and economic prosperity for all.
The initiative is also meant to support Urban Local Bodies to increase access to safely managed drinking water for the urban poor under the Jal Jeevan AMRUT Mission of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs for the improvement of public health.
The WKRC project marks a collaborative effort among the small water enterprise implementers to address the challenge of urban water supply and aims to build efficiencies in the city water supply ecosystem. It also contributes to the SDG Goals of the United Nations, especially SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.
Said Dr. Parag Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Noida-based JanaJal: “Through the Water Knowledge Resource Centres, we aim to penetrate deeper into communities and spread awareness to help increase the rate of adoption of safe water as an integral part of the daily life of citizens. People should be made aware that a nominal cost for safe water can result in exponential benefits in terms of health, wellness, women empowerment and better education for children who can go to school instead of spending time to fetch water for their household. Availability of safe drinking water can also eliminate water-borne diseases.”
He added: “We have successfully launched two WKRCs. With further support of our partners, we are keen to launch more WKRCs across our entire water ATM footprint pan-India which includes geographies like Delhi, Mumbai, Ghaziabad, Surat, Lucknow, Goa and parts of Karnataka. We are also looking at extending our technology platform, JJSUITE, to the existing Water Treatment Plants and Water ATMs operating across the ASEAN countries and Africa. We are working in conjunction with existing Safe Water Enterprises to help utilise their existing capacity through deployment of JanaJal Water on Wheels within a radius of 5 kms around each of their water treatment plants. This will not only socially impact millions in the region with increased access and availability of safe water, but also reduce dependence on unsecured water sources and expensive packaged drinking water.”
After all, untreated water remains one of the biggest causes of COVID-19 as per a recent circular issued by the United Nations.

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