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International Plastic Bag Free Day: CSR Initiatives to Eliminate use of Plastic Bags

Plastic pollution is a manmade global catastrophe that poses a major threat to the environment, biodiversity as well as human health. With an aim to contain the pollution caused by plastic bags and raise awareness about the same among people, International Plastic Bag Free Day was created by Bag Free World. The day was created as a worldwide initiative for the purpose of getting rid of the single-use of plastic bags around the world. It is all about promoting environmental conservation by encouraging us all to stay away from the use of plastic bags and instead look for more eco-friendly alternatives.
On this International Plastic Bag Free Day, let us look at the companies across the world that are doing their bit to reduce the use of plastic bags through their CSR initiatives.


Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO), a global leader in aluminium, has been promoting sustainable development since its inception. As one more firm step in this direction, BALCO has launched PAHAL, a plastic bag elimination program in its township amongst its employees and business partners.
“BALCO is one of the first organizations in Chhattisgarh to introduce plastic elimination program, which was taken up in association with Chamber of Commerce, Balconagar.”, the company statement said.
Environment-friendly bags were distributed among the residents as part of the drive and township residents are encouraged to use those in place of single-use plastic bags.

Co-op Group

The Co-operative Group, trading as the Co-op, is a British consumer co-operative with a diverse family of retail businesses including food retail and wholesale; e-pharmacy; insurance services; legal services and funeral care. The company has committed to eliminating plastic bags for life from all its 2,600 stores. The company said that several customers use the low-cost, reusable bag only once, making it the new single-use carrier. With this move, the company will remove 29.5 million bags for life or approximately 870 tonnes of plastic from circulation every year. In line with this decision, Co-op will launch its certified compostable carrier bags to all stores.


Lego, in the last year, said it had been prompted by letters from children asking it to remove the single-use plastic bags. Responding to its target audience, the company has said it would be investing up to $400m (£310m) over three years to improve its sustainability efforts. The company has said that it will soon start introducing recyclable paper bags, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, to package its loose bricks. This is part of Lego’s ambition to make all its packaging sustainable by the end of 2025.