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CSR Is A Necessity To Fortify The Future: Shrikant Vaze, CEO, Fujitsu Consulting India

Having lived in India where there is a lot of disparity between the haves and have nots, there is enough and more to be done, believes Shrikant Vaze, Head- India GDC, Vice President Global Delivery Group, Fujitsu Consulting India. Fujitsu is the world’s fifth-largest IT services provider and No.1 in Japan.
Shrikant told The CSR Journal, “Corporates have a real responsibility to make that change because they are going to come and work for the corporates later. We will have to make a difference at that level and then only can corporates survive. It’s not a question of being polite or being nice; it’s a real business necessity that corporates engage in CSR.”
As for Fujitsu Consulting India, two objectives drive their CSR: Education for lesser privileged children and Green Environment support. Both these objectives are driven by the employees across locations. They actively participate and volunteer to help fulfill the cause. Here are a few examples:
– They held a tree plantation drive in January 2018 which saw participation from 100 employees across 4 locations. A total of 127 saplings were planted by the group.
– With an objective of inculcating reading habits in children, their volunteers and employees came forward to collect/ donate books for those who might be unknowingly missing this pool of knowledge. Over 500 books for 6-14 year-olds were donated by their employees in over a month’s time. Volunteers from respective locations then went ahead and distributed these books to the school library.
– Feed A Child Campaign had 127 volunteers across 5 locations, showcasing a presentation to 500 underprivileged children and their parents. It highlighted the importance of nutrition in our daily intake and side effects on the human body in case of deficiency.
– Organized organic farming session in which process of growing vegetables was explained to the parents, students and teachers.
– Successfully celebrated Each One Teach One Campaign at a government school in Pune. Eight Volunteers from India GDC – Legal & Commercial Team, UK visited the school and taught 50 children various activities like origami, craft and classical dance.
– Fujitsu Consulting India’s volunteers along with the partner NGO ‘SHARP’ introduced students to different cultures with the help of digital platforms.
Shrikant talked to The CSR Journal about integrating environmental standards into the company’s functioning, and his personal vision for social responsibility.