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How to Start a Career in Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is indispensable part of companies or organizations in the world. This saves them from a drastic loss of data and confidential details. This is an essential part of anything you start on internet. Pirates are always there to attack your details.
KnowledgeHut’s ethical hacking course comes with all the tactics involved to work better on the dignity of a company or organization or even a bank. You will learn different techniques and tricks that could be helpful in saving data from stealing. 

General Statistics

You also learn to protect the websites of companies. In short, you learn each and everything that will be used to save confidential things. You will also know about the tools that are used in hacking.
Not only companies or organizations, data can be stolen from banks, websites can be hacked, and much more. 

Highlights of this Course

There are many more feature of Ethical Hacking Course, but main points from this course are mentioned here.

MoneyBack Guarantee

This ensures the students how accurate the course is. The course is not focused on money, yet focused on the curriculum and its quality for the students. The course completely satisfies the students regarding the things they learn. They learn from a new tips and techniques using the using tools. Experts of this field teach them. 
Even if a student does not find it helpful, or this course does not clear the things, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

5 Days Live Sessions

There will be live sessions for 5 days in which you will ask your questions. Experts will answer you in accordance with the type of your style. Given information will be completely accurate and understandable for the students. 
Live sessions focus on easy learning, and prevents the complexity. Furthermore, live instructor led sessions help you build a good confidence in you in order to answer the mock interviews with no tension.

Practical and Hands-on Work

Not just theoretical, there will be practical work for the students given from the experts that they will do there. Also, they will perform the practical work in live classes, and also get the assignments to solve them. There will be case studies for them, and they will learn problem-solving from the real world. 
Hands-on work will also be done. Students on the spot will work, and solve the particular task given to them. This all is included in this course.

Free Exam Voucher

When you once pay for this course, you pay for everything. There will be no extra charges for on demand videos or other services. 
In case of exams, you will get free exams voucher, using which you can appear in exam with no cost.

iLabs Membership

Like many other facilities of this course, there will be 6 months iLabs membership for the students. They will have access to tips, and techniques and they will use the tools that are used widely in hacking. Whatever they learn theoretical, they will perform it in labs in order to test the work.

Free E-course

You will have access to this free e-course which you can utilize at any time. You will also have learning kit of EC-Council. Wherever you happen to be, you can easily have access to this e-course and utilize it.


There are no prerequisites to attend this course. Anyone with interest of IT security can get enrolled.

What You Will Pick up

Reverse Engineering

You will learn reverse engineering of different kinds of viruses and malwares, as Malware Reverse Engineering. You learn the whole analysis regarding the malware. The study is deep and you learn it thoroughly. You start from the beginning of analysis and go to end. 
You will study the statics of malwares, and their ways of attacks and everything in between.

Focused Knowledge

You will be focused to your study. You will be able to target a particular device such as mobile and computer. Additionally, you learn to secure these devices from incoming attacks, and you use countermeasures to secure your devices and network.

Standard Learning

You will learn the standard hacking which is accepted and preferred. In this course, you will learn all five phases of hacking that are accepted and defined by EC council. This course provides the students from basics to an advanced level. You can easily ace the certification exam after this course.

Practical Work

You will do practical work by completing the different challenges in this course. There are 24 challenges for you in this course that you will learn and perform to gain the perfection. You will cover 18 attacks vectors that include top 10 of OWASP. 

Hack Web Applications

This course has latest tools and methods to hack Web shell concepts, Web API Hacking, Web API, security and Web hooks. You hack all of these, and you use the latest technology introduced in this course. 

Greater Focus on IoT and Cloud

You will learn about cloud and IoT dedicated modules being used in ethical hacking. You will learn to know how they incorporate CSP’s technologies, and much more. You will be mainly focused on everything related to hacking.


We have discussed this course in detail and found it best. This covers all the tactics to learn ethical hacking, and we know that ethical hacking is a very high paying skill all over the world. Not only that, ethical hacking is need of every company, organization, bank, government sectors and much more.
Ethical hacking job pays you $119,289 annually. Not only that, there is increase of 33% in jobs from 2020 to 2030.
Learning from KnowledgeHut can really be helpful as it brings all the things required in hacking. You can easily ace your certification exam after learning.