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Grundfos India brings clean drinking water to Thiruvanai Koil village

Grundfos drinking water
Grundfos India has partnered with Hand in Hand India to bring clean drinking water to Thiruvanai Koil, Kancheepuram. The drinking water system has been inaugurated in the presence of the village community.
Drinking water has been a critical concern for the people in Thiruvanai Koil, especially in the summer. The villagers are either forced to travel nearly five KMs every day to nearby panchayats for drinking water or had to resort to buying water from private companies. Since most of the villagers have a basic income either from manual labour or agriculture, they do not have the luxury to directly invest in drinking water facilities.
Through this system, more than 250 households will be positively impacted and their dependency on external sources for drinking water will be tremendously reduced.
Speaking about the initiative, Mahathi Parashuram, Regional Head of Public Affairs, Communications & Engagement, Asia Pacific Region, Grundfos, said We believe that access to drinking water is a basic human right. The significance of this initiative emanates from our commitment towards providing clean drinking water to people across the globe. Our aim is to improve the overall quality of life of the people in Thiruvanai Koil and help them become self-sufficient with respect to clean water. They will now have more time and energy to focus on their families, education and livelihood.”
Krishnan, Chief Operating Officer, Hand in Hand India, also added “We at HIH India have always worked towards uplifting and creating self-reliant villages. We are delighted to partner with Grundfos India to bring clean drinking water to the village of Thiruvanai Koil.”
Through the years, Grundfos India has been working to improve the access to clean water in hundreds of villages through its CSR initiatives.