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eVidya partners with Vidyakul for CSR initiative on digital education in Uttar Pradesh

Helping students in Uttar Pradesh in this pandemic Vidyakul, a vernacular e-learning platform, has collaborated with eVidya, a Digital Learning Venture by 40-year-old publishing Giant Vidya Prakashan Mandir, to help children prepare for their exams and basic school education.

This collaboration will allow state students to have absolutely Free access to live digital classes based upon proven Board exams prep resources and books of Vidya Prakashan Mandir.

This pandemic hit regional education worse because of the unavailability of resources. Taking this into consideration, eVidya and Vidyakul join hands to help students of Uttar Pradesh to adopt online learning.
Giving children in tier 3 and tier 4 cities a platform to support their education and calibre which has been neglected due to lack of resources, this education initiative will give them an opportunity to stand out. eVidya with Vidya Prakshan Mandir’s legacy of excellence and Vidyakul with its vernacular approach and guidance will help students to cope up with the situation and make the most use of the classes to prepare better for their future.
Tarun Saini Co-Founder and CEO, Vidyakul, “We are the online school for the students of Bharat and it’s our humble duty to oversee the students whether they are getting quality education. We decided to partner with Vidya Prakshan to provide live digital solutions of their books so students in Uttar Pradesh can prepare better for their exams.”
Said Indraveer Singh, CEO, eVidya, “Our Parent Company, Vidya Prakshan has been offering academic books and resources to Uttar Pradesh’s school students for more than 4 decades. Continuing our service to the Education Community, we are happy to announce our partnership with Vidyakul. Vidyakul is a pioneer in its sector and helped us in our initiative of UP Padhta Rahey Agey Badhta Rahe.”

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