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Equitas bank’s CSR programme gave home and dignity to 2000 pavement dwellers in Chennai

Equitas Small Finance Bank through its Bird’s Nest – Pavement Dweller Rehabilitation CSR programme, provided housing, food security, healthcare, livelihood skill development, and supplemental education to ultra-poor families over an 18-month period – ultimately placing them on the path to self-sufficiency. The bank has transformed the lives of over 2000 pavement dwellers in Chennai through this CSR project.
Equitas invests the money that people save with the bank back in communities thus making money a force for good in contributing to sustainable social change. The bank is showcasing this change with a new web series on social media platforms. Called ’Circle of Life’ the series features real-life transformation stories of bravery, sacrifice and compassion.
Each story reflects positive impact beyond banking and how Equitas Small Finance Bank helps in changing the lives of people through microlending and CSR initiatives. The First story, titled “Identity”, is a transformative journey of Mrs. Shanthi from being a pavement dweller to a proud independent parent.
Shanthi, now a contract worker for Indian Railways, shares her inspiring journey towards earning her identity in society and showcases gratitude towards Equitas Small Finance Bank for being her pillar of strength. She even calls the bank her “mother’s home” which presented her with an opportunity to live a respectable life.

The small finance bank is known for its ideology and belief in giving back to the community they serve and uplift them in a sustainable manner. Through the video, the bank shows a glimpse of the successful transformation of one such community member, Shanthi.

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