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EARTHDAY.ORG and ClimateScience partner up for the ClimateScience Olympiad 2022

EARTHDAY.ORG is pleased to announce its partnership with ClimateScience for the ClimateScience Olympiad 2022. The initiative is the brainchild of Eric Steinberger, EARTHDAY.ORG’s Youth Ambassador in Austria and a member of the organization’s My Future My Voice initiative that has brought together young environmental leaders from 90 countries to synergize efforts for a better environment.
The ClimateScience Olympiad is one of ClimateScience’s initiatives for youth aged 25 and below. While presenting the awards to the winners of the first ClimateScience Olympiad held at COP26, Eric stated, “Education is not just about providing information. Education can start by asking questions.” In keeping with this sentiment and to help develop youth leadership, the ClimateScience Olympiad provides an opportunity for youth to ask questions and stand in the shoes of world leaders.
In its inaugural year, the 2021 Olympiad engaged more than 12,000 youth from 149 countries. The award ceremony was held at COP26 in Glasgow and featured Dr. Jane Goodall DBE as one of the speakers. The top three teams were invited to present their solutions during the ceremony and win a share of the $10,000US prize pool.
EARTHDAY.ORG and ClimateScience both emphasize helping youth develop from a young age into stewards for the environment. The partnership for the ClimateScience Olympiad makes for a meeting of minds toward a common aim that underlies the need to ensure climate education is an integral component of all school curriculums worldwide.
Listening to Greta Thunberg speak about our planet’s environmental problems got Eric thinking about what youth could do to harness their power and work to combat climate change. Following some online research, he was quickly disappointed about the little amount of accessible, accurate, and understandable climate information.
The inadequacy led him, along with one of his friends, to start publishing science-based information in digestible and attractive formats on Instagram. In a couple of months, the account gained over 40,000 followers. It also received requests from teachers for permission to utilize the material while teaching. From here, ClimateScience was born. The organization provides free science-based and expert-reviewed resources on climate change and its solutions in engaging and easy-to-understand formats, such as short courses, kids books, videos, and edu-Instagram posts. It also offers a mentorship programme for youth who aspire to pursue climate careers.

Entries to the ClimateScience Olympiad 2022 are open.

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