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Delhi’s first animal welfare policy panders to humans instead

monkey with her baby
Birth control of monkeys, a revised regime for sterilisation of stray dogs and electronic chips to identify owners of deserted pets and cattle are some of the measures that Delhi government’s first policy on animal welfare recommends.
The ‘animal health and welfare policy 2018’, which also proposed a cowshed at Ghumanhera where cows will be kept along with elderly people in a unique coexistence, was discussed in a meeting attended by Development Minister Gopal Rai in January.
The policy suggests tagging pets and cattle with electronic chips so that there owners could be identified and further steps could be taken, the minister said.
Strengthening infrastructure through a network of veterinary hospitals, polyclinics, aviaries, helpline for distressed animal and birds and ambulance service are other measures that the policy recommends.
As per the policy, animal health and veterinary services will be strengthened through 24×7 operational polyclinics in all districts. The needs of birds will also be taken care at district-level aviaries. A veterinary hospital that will be operational round the clock will be inaugurated at Tis Hazari on January 16.
He said under the policy efforts will made to make Delhi rabies free through an effective check on stray dog ‘menace’. Setting up 12 check posts and quarantine facilites at the borders of Delhi are part of the policy. “Our successful intervention in cases of bird flu and glanders noticed in Delhi ensured that human population was not affected,” Rai said.

Source: India TV