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CSR News – Nippon Paint announces health insurance cover for over 6000 painters

Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division), announced a Health insurance policy for its painter partners across India. Under this initiative, over 6,000 painters will be protected against COVID-19.
In the event of exposure to COVID-19, each insured painter will get an insurance cover with a flat benefit value of INR 20,000. The policy which has a validity of a year will cover hospitalization and other treatment expenses related to COVID-19 for all of the Insured painters.
S Mahesh Anand, President – Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) said about the CSR initiative, “COVID-19 has no doubt caused a great threat to the health of the general public but it is the daily wage workers such as painters, who have been impacted the most. While most salaried employees are covered under the Health insurance policies of their companies, workers like painters who come under the unorganised sector are most exposed to risks associated with COVID-19. Nippon Paint is delighted to roll out the health insurance policy which will cover our painter friends, should any COVID-19 emergency arise. As India prepares to slowly resume business operations, there is an even stronger need for such initiatives”.
Post Covid-19, Nippon Paint has launched numerous CSR initiatives to touch painter’s lives. Apart from this COVID Insurance cover, the company has also provided painters with the brand’s Amudha Surabhi (digital currency card) and e-vouchers, enabling them and their families to purchase essential commodities from their neighbouring kirana and grocery stores.
The brand has further launched PRO-safety painter certification as an addition to the Government’s safety guidelines. It is a checklist of safety protocols to be followed. Since painters will have to visit client homes to paint, this extra layer of safety measure will aid in ensuring the safety of both parties. Painters who pledge to adhere to all the necessary safety guidelines are provided with a PRO-safety painter Certification, to encourage safe painting practices. Painters are encouraged to follow the safety protocol before entering a client home.