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CSR News: Schaeffler India signs MoU with TISS for skilling of youth in Vadodara

Schaeffler India has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to implement a National University Student’s Skill Development (NUSSD) – recognized project, aimed at providing skills training to 350 graduating students from Vadodara.
The programme was virtually launched today by Harsha Kadam, Chief Executive Officer Schaeffler India, Santanu Ghoshal, Vice President Human Resources & Head Corporate Social Responsibility, Schaeffler India in presence of Tanmay Nayak, Director, NUSSD, TISS and attended by more than 300 university students from Vadodara.
The objective behind this CSR programme, which is fully funded by Schaeffler India, is to provide skill training to graduating college students to enable them to better understand and enhance their job-related skills. The comprehensive course curriculum has been designed to develop and inspire the youth from the less-privileged section of society by imparting knowledge and skills, through new-edge teaching and learning techniques as well as realistic job experience with the help of internships and community projects.
Moreover, the curriculum focuses on inculcating students with principles of civic responsibility through its community engagement aspect, and encouraging them to work actively together in diverse contexts to find realistic solutions to some of India’s most pressing social problems.
The CSR initiative covers training in eight diploma courses – Banking & Financial Markets, Export & Import Management, Hospital Management Services, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Travel and Tourism, Pharmaceutical Sales Management and Retail Management. Selected students will receive classroom training for around 4-6 months at the Schaeffler HOPE NUSSD Training Centres established in three colleges in Vadodara and thereafter will be sent to relevant industries for internships or on-the-job-training for 40 days. The curriculum aims to empower 300 students through wage employment and remaining 50 students through Startup Community / Entrepreneurship Development.
Ghoshal explained, “For Schaeffler, skilling is not only valuable, but a viable and long-term plan. We sincerely believe that the youth are agents of social and economic transformation. Hence, CSR programmes like these are in line with Schaeffler India’s CSR initiative ‘HOPE’; and our vision of building a nation that is self-sustaining and prosperous by creating a pool of equal opportunities for the youth. It is often noticed that graduates continue to be weak in vocational and applied skills even after they acquire degrees. Such courses impart skills that make them industry ready and employable. We have been deeply invested in creating opportunities for the youth which will help them secure gainful and skilled employment now and in the future. Our collaboration with TISS is another step in this direction, enabling students to gain relevant and sustainable employment skills.”
The CSR initiative will provide training to approximately 350 students selected from three colleges in Vadodara, including Savitaben Chunibhai Patel Fartikuwala Commerce College in Dabhoi, Smt. H C Patel Arts and Commerce College, MiyagamKarjan and M.M Gandhi Arts & Commerce College, Kalol. Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) has been designated as the implementation partner for Schaeffler India in Vadodara.
The CSR programme is aligned to National University Students’ Skill Development Programme (NUSSD), a flagship initiative by TISS launched in 2013 to provide job related skill training to college students for employability. In 2015, the United Nations (UN) Steering Committee on Children and Youth recognized the NUSSD programme as a “Skill Development Best Practice” in the country.
In its endeavour to improve employability of India’s vast workforce and thereby create a talent pool that is creative, skilled and has the right attitude, Schaeffler India has been reaching out to India’s lesser privileged youth and empowering them through various education and skill development initiatives under its HOPE CSR programme. In 2019, Schaeffler India had provided scholarships to 32 meritorious students from financially disadvantaged families, who aspire to build a career in the fields of engineering through its HOPE Engineering Scholarship Program 2019-20.
Schaeffler India runs a host of other initiatives such as the NITARA Beauty and Wellness Academy in Vadodara, Schaeffler Technical Enhancement Program (STEP) in Pune and Hosur, as well as providing financial and infrastructural support to educational institutions such as the Lok Vidyalaya School and Mook Dhwani Trust in Gujarat and Koite Vasti school in Maharashtra. HOPE is Schaeffler India’s umbrella CSR initiative encompassing the values, vision and mission of the organization.
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