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Nissan Motor India completes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership with Smile Train India

Gurugram, India: Nissan Motor India marked the successful completion of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership with Smile Train India with a celebratory event at Sant Parmanand Hospital in New Delhi with the children and their families. The event, which was attended by Mr. Saurabh Vatsa, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India along with representatives from Smile Train India, and renowned plastic surgeon Dr SC Sood, highlighted the impact of their joint efforts in supporting cleft surgeries for underprivileged individuals.
Over the course of the partnership, Nissan’s support enabled 290 cleft surgeries in the fourth quarter of FY23, enabling individuals from economically weaker sections of society to receive the life-changing treatment. These surgeries were conducted at Smile Train India’s partner hospitals, ensuring access to quality care for those in need.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Saurabh Vatsa, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India, said, “Our association with Smile Train India exemplifies Nissan’s commitment to corporate citizenship, social responsibility and inclusion. Through this partnership, we aimed to address this critical healthcare need and make a meaningful and compassionate difference in the lives of those affected. We have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of access to quality healthcare, and we are immensely proud of the positive change we have collectively achieved.”
Mamta Carroll, Smile Train’s Senior Vice President & Regional Director for Asia, expressed her gratitude towards Nissan Motor India and their support for the cause. She said, “Supporting free, safe, and quality cleft treatment is Smile Train India’s number one priority. Our CSR partners hold a pivotal role in our ecosystem, and the collaboration with Nissan Motor India has not only enabled cleft affected children to lead healthier and fuller lives but has also significantly enhanced the quality of life of their parents and immediate families.”
Cleft, a gap in the upper lip and/or the roof of the mouth (palate), is a facial birth difference which affects one in 700 babies and 35,000+ children are born with clefts in India annually. Without treatment, children have difficulty in eating, breathing, hearing, speaking and may face social isolation.
The impacted children, of whom 42% are female, will now have a better chance to attend school, pursue careers, and enjoy gainful employment. Surprisingly, even today, many girl children born with clefts are often abandoned at birth. Through Nissan’s support, these girls have not only received a new smile but also the chance of a new life, free from stigma and social isolation.
Additionally, over half 56% of the beneficiaries (161 individuals), are infants aged two years and below. By addressing cleft conditions at a young age, Nissan and Smile Train India have contributed to reducing the disability-affected life years of these individuals. Additionally, 38% (110 individuals) of the beneficiaries fall within the age group of two to 18 years, while 6% are above 18 years, emphasizing the urgency to address the backlog of cleft patients who struggle to find help in time.




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