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CSR News: Embracing Renewable Energy Through Green Energy Corridor Project

Global Warming is affecting different parts of the planet in different ways. At the poles, it is melting the glaciers, in turn increasing the global sea level, sending island countries like the Maldives in danger of submergence, while at temperate regions it is reducing insolation, in turn, reducing the winter temperatures in the range of -35 to -60.
The effects of global warming at the tropics could be extreme over time, making the regions inhabitable. Because global warming would reduce the strength of Trade Winds and the jet streams which are responsible for removing access moisture from the air, making the environment tolerable for habitation.
India, being a tropical country is at risk of facing the worst climatic disasters because of global warming and climate change. This is why it is imperative for the country to ensure the reduction of carbon footprint and limit the pace of rising temperature. In order to achieve this in a developing nation like India, renewable energy is the need of the hour.
Sterlite Power, a leading global developer in power transmission has announced that it is joining hands with GE T&D India Ltd, Unitech Power Transmission Ltd. (UPTL), Tata Projects Ltd (TPL) and Associate Power Structures Pvt. Ltd (APSPL). This partnership will implement state of the art OEM & EPC solutions in the execution of its Green Energy Corridor (GEC) project – Lakadia Vadodara Transmission Project Limited (LVTPL).
As a part of these partnerships, GE will design, construct, test and commission 765kV GIS substation at Vadodara and 765kV AIS substation at Lakadia in Gujarat. While TPL, APSPL and UPTL will provide the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) related supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 343kms of transmission lines for the project.  The project will contribute towards India’s renewable energy target of 175GW by 2022.
Commenting on this partnership, Mr Pratik Agarwal, Managing Director, Sterlite Power said, “This Green Energy Corridor project is very special for Sterlite Power since it will help our country to achieve its renewable energy target, and fight climate change by creating a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel-based energy. With established EPC and OEM partners onboard, we are best prepared to deliver this complex project within the timelines while maintaining the highest standards of quality, as well as health and safety of our workforce.”
Pitamber Shivnani, CEO, GE Grid Solutions, commented, “GE team has been associated with Sterlite Power from the beginning of their journey in the T&D domain and the experience has been mutually rewarding. We are excited to partner with them for the prestigious Lakadia-Vadodara GEC project. We have been working together with their teams on this project right from the bidding stage. This partnership is an endorsement of Sterlite Power’s trust in us, our pioneering solutions and our strong capabilities in the power transmission space.”
Vivek Gautam, COO, Tata Projects Limited, said, “It’s an honour for us to once again partner with Sterlite Power, to execute yet another challenging project which is the first of its kind GEC project. Our proven expertise, technological know-how and management excellence in delivering high impact power transmission projects has established us as a strong player in the transmission segment. We are confident of overcoming all challenges and delivering this project safely and successfully on or before scheduled completion.”
M.K. Agarwal, CEO & Director, Unitech Power Transmission Ltd., said, “We have successfully partnered with Sterlite Power in the past and would like to continue our success story with GEC as well. As a leading engineering player in the power transmission space, we are eager to provide our absolute solutions and services towards executing the project of national importance.”
Sterlite Power won the LVTPL project (WRSS 21 – Part B) through tariff-based competitive bidding (TBCB) in August 2019 and acquired the Special Purpose Vehicle in December 2019. The project involves laying over 300 km of 765 kV double-circuit transmission lines connecting 765/400 KV Lakadia substation to Vadodara substation in Gujarat.

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