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Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane promotes fitness among school children

Mumbai, India: Ajinkya Rahane, a name that needs no introduction was recently spotted at the grand finale of Body Fit Toh Life Hai Hit – Inter-School Fitness Championship. The event, organized by Salaam Bombay Foundation, showcased the dedication and achievements of participants in the fitness competition. Ace Cricketer, Ajinkya Rahane, known for his passion towards sports and fitness, graced the occasion as the guest of honor, extending his heartfelt congratulations to the deserving winners. Salaam Bombay Foundation hosted this event with a mission to encourage children to make right choices towards a healthy lifestyle which was in perfect synergy with Ajinkya’s ideology of encouraging fitness right from young age.
The Inter-School Fitness Championship, organized by Salaam Bombay Foundation saw participation of 5000 students from over 100 Government and Government aided schools. This mega event brought together talented student athletes from schools across Mumbai to compete in a series of fitness challenges aimed at promoting health, wellness, and sportsmanship among youth. During the felicitation segment, winners and participants of the Inter-School Fitness Championship were recognized and awarded for their outstanding performance and commitment to fitness excellence. Trophies, medals, and certificates were presented to deserving individuals and teams in various categories, including endurance, strength, agility, and overall performance. 40 best contestants were selected for the final round.
The felicitation event commenced with an opening ceremony featuring inspiring speech by Ajinkya Rahane and dignitaries, highlighting the importance of physical fitness and sports participation in the holistic development of students. Attendees were treated to thrilling highlights from the championship, showcasing the dedication, determination, and exemplary sportsmanship displayed by participants throughout the competition.
Ms Padmini Sekhsaria, Founder and Director, Salaam Bombay Foundation says “Fitness plays a pivotal role in shaping every aspect of an adolescent’s life, impacting not only physical health but also mental well-being. Investing in fitness during youth lays the foundation for long-term health and happiness. Salaam Bombay Foundation (SBF) strongly advocates for the transformative potential of the ‘Body Fit Toh Life Hai Hit’ fitness competition.
More than just a platform for showcasing physical abilities, it serves as a catalyst for personal growth and development. Through participation in this competition, students not only commit to improving their physical health but also embrace values such as discipline, dedication, and perseverance. We firmly believe that the playground can serve as a powerful tool for fostering a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind. Our vision is to instil an attitudinal change among adolescents through Sports and Fitness, motivating them to stay in school and complete their education.”
“Happy to support the ‘Body Fit Toh Life Hai Hit’ fitness competition, which embodies the essence of holistic well-being. Fitness isn’t just about physical strength; it’s about nurturing endurance, flexibility, and resilience, both on and off the field. This initiative by Salaam Bombay Foundation not only promotes a balanced lifestyle but also instills values of discipline and dedication in our youth. I’m excited to witness the determination and spirit of the participants and to encourage them on their journey towards a healthier future” said Ajinkya Rahane.
“Fitness is essential and is for everyone. This is a great initiative by Salaam Bombay Foundation to have their fitness monitors to encourage underprivileged society – encompassing both the young and the elderly to be part of the Government’s Fit India movement. One of Investec’s social responsibilities is to build sustainable and stronger communities and we are delighted to be associated with this initiative that not only makes fitness as a mantra for the citizens but also hones mentoring skills for the youth who are facilitating the programme, said Mr Rambhushan Kanumuri, Wholetime Director, Investec Capital Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.



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