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Tide Turners: The Hotel Chain in India Organises Beach Clean-Up Drive on World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day - ibis Hotels India
In celebration of World Ocean Day on June 8, 2024, ibis Hotels across India are launching a series of impactful initiatives aimed at contributing to the global effort to protect our oceans through beach clean-up drives and conservation activities. This year’s theme, “Awaken New Depths,” underscores the imperative for innovative approaches and collective actions to safeguard our marine ecosystems.
It is estimated that between 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste are currently in our oceans, with 33 billion pounds of plastic entering the marine environment annually. By 2050, it is projected that plastic could outweigh all the fish in the sea. These staggering statistics underscore the critical importance of protecting our oceans. Oceans are not just vast bodies of water; they are the lifeblood of our planet, providing us with oxygen, regulating climate, and supporting a diverse array of marine ecosystems. Preserving the health of our oceans is crucial not only for marine life but also for the well-being of human society.
Keeping this urgent need in mind, ibis hotels from four cities located near sea beaches have taken up this initiative to partner with local NGOs for beach clean-ups to protect the oceans and preserve marine ecosystems.. Additionally, they are conducting educational programs to raise awareness and foster environmental stewardship.
In Mumbai, ibis Mumbai Airport, ibis Mumbai Vikhroli, ibis Thane, and ibis Navi Mumbai have joined hands with renowned NGOs for beach clean-up drives, reflecting their commitment to environmental sustainability. Beyond cleaning up the shores, these hotels are actively engaging with the local community, emphasizing the critical importance of sea cleaning for the health of our oceans.
Meanwhile, in Chennai, ibis Chennai SIPCOT and ibis Chennai City Centre are partnering with “Tree Foundation India” and the Chennai Municipal Corporation to address ocean pollution. Their collaborative efforts extend beyond mere clean-ups; they include sponsoring a sea bed cleaning at Kovalam coast, donating beach cleaning equipment, organizing educational programs, and enlightening fishermen on the significance of maintaining a clean ocean environment.
Similarly, in Goa, ibis Style Goa Calangute and ibis Style Goa Vagator have teamed up with “SARTHAK FOUNDATION GOA” to undertake beach clean-up drives aimed at preserving Goa’s picturesque coastline. In Kochi, ibis is collaborating with the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clean and healthy coastal ecosystems.
Together, these initiatives underscore ibis Hotels’ dedication to protecting our oceans and fostering sustainable practices for future generations.
Mr.Tejus Jose, Director of Operations at ibis & ibis Styles India – ibis Hotels India, highlights the broader environmental context of these initiatives: “Caring for our oceans isn’t just an environmental concern—it’s a fundamental responsibility. As the head of operations at ibis & ibis Styles India – ibis Hotels India, witnessing the alarming pollution threatening our oceans deeply resonates with me. The devastating effects of this pollution, from endangering marine life to disrupting fragile ecosystems, highlight the urgency of our actions. Since many of our properties are located close to the beach, it is our moral responsibility to take care of the oceans. Through initiatives like beach clean-ups on World Ocean Day, we actively demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that our actions align with our values of environmental stewardship and community engagement. By safeguarding our oceans, we not only protect marine life but also ensure a healthier planet for future generations.”
Mr. Anant Leekha, the Cluster Head for ibis Mumbai, adds insight into the on-ground activities: “Our initiatives on World Ocean Day reflect our commitment to environmental conservation. With over 400+ ibis employees volunteering, we are engaging in activities like beach clean-ups and community education drives across Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, and Kochi. These efforts, in collaboration with local NGOs and government bodies, demonstrate our dedication to making a tangible impact. We believe that through collective action, we can contribute significantly to preserving our oceans and supporting local communities.”
The World Ocean Day 2024 theme, aligns perfectly with ibis Hotels’ initiatives. By working together with local communities, NGOs, and government institutions, ibis is committed to fostering a healthier, more sustainable environment for future generations. These initiatives not only address immediate environmental concerns but also aim to inspire ongoing efforts to protect our oceans.
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