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CSR: Signify lights up Majuli Island in Assam with solar lighting, benefitting over 32,000 lives

Majuli CSR
Signify, the world leader in lighting, has illuminated 43 villages in Majuli Island, Assam, with solar street lighting to enhance the safety of local citizens. The project executed in partnership with Evangelical Social Action Forum (ESAF) is part of the company’s Har Gaon Roshan CSR program, that focuses on sustainable rural development.
Majuli is one of the world’s largest river islands and is often dubbed the cultural capital of Assam as it is home to many ethnic groups that have lived here for centuries. It is also a natural habitat for rich flora and fauna, harbouring many rare and endangered species, especially migratory birds, that make Majuli their home during the cold winters.
But every year, during the monsoons, the swirling waters of the Bramhaputra river bring life on the island to a standstill, making it inaccessible and cut off from the mainland. After sunset, the island is engulfed in a thick veil of darkness, making it unsafe to venture out or conduct any economic activity.
Keeping in mind these unique challenges faced by the locals, Signify worked closely with ESAF to install 100 solar-powered streetlights to make the streets safer for the citizens after dark. The company also donated 2,000 solar portable lamps to households for indoor lighting, replacing the kerosene lamps that left harmful fumes. According to the project estimates, more than 32,000 people living on the island will benefit from this initiative.
Shri Bhuban Gam, Honorable MLA of Majuli constituency, added, “The welfare of our people is of utmost importance to us, and this project will significantly impact the lives of people living on the island, providing them with access to clean and affordable energy. We appreciate Signify’s efforts towards enhancing the safety of the local people.”
Commenting on the project, Natasha Wadhwa, Head – CSR, Signify Innovations India Limited, said, “By lighting up the lives of more than 32,000 inhabitants of the beautiful Majuli Island with sustainable solar lighting solutions, Signify is not just illuminating the present, but paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. We are proud to play a part in illuminating the path towards a greener and more equitable world.”
The ‘Har Gaon Roshan’ project focuses on promoting rural development by providing solar energy-based lighting facilities in rural villages to enhance the safety of women and children after sunset and extend the working hours of the village, thereby also enabling economic activities after dark.
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