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CSR: ‘Magical Mangroves’ campaign aimed at engaging citizens on the International Day for Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem

Mumbai, India: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, in collaboration with WWF-India (Worldwide Fund for Nature-India) today announced the Phase-4 of their “Magical Mangroves” conservation awareness campaign. First launched in 2020, the volunteer-driven campaign trained more than 200 volunteers or Mangrove Ambassadors who have helped sensitise over 27000+ citizens across the 7 coastal states of India. Additionally, the campaign has reached millions of Indians through thematic social media posts in the last three years. This campaign’s key features are capacity building of Volunteers, outreach and Awareness through the trained Volunteers, knowledge building through Expert Talks, competitions, and a robust social media campaign.
The Magical Mangroves programme which runs in collaboration between WWF-India and Godrej & Boyce, urges people to volunteer to spread awareness for the protection and preservation of mangrove forests, which are imperative for the survival of communities living across the coastal belt.
Building upon the success of the previous editions, the organisations have curated the new phase to encourage volunteers including students to take this programme forward. In Phase 4, the programme covers 7 coastal states of India – Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Moreover, the programme is segmented into three key components – Skilling, Awareness, and Action. A new batch of 90+ Mangrove Ambassadors from all backgrounds will receive comprehensive training which will equip them to lead informative sessions and promote the importance of mangrove habitats.
For the first time since the lockdown, the campaign will witness an amplified impact through face-to-face sessions with schools, colleges, and the general public.
Speaking about the significance of the Magical Mangroves campaign, Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director Godrej & Boyce remarked “We have been working together with WWF-India for many years to promote the conservation of mangroves. The Magical Mangroves programme I believe has been a proof-point on how people will always come together to fight for their ecosystems, their environment, and the planet. There is more awareness today than before about threats like climate change, as people have witnessed the adverse effects of it for the last few years. It is imperative that we align ourselves to the vision of a thriving green planet and initiate actions that take us there. This is the time to engage in such programmes, dialogue and more between all of us, organisations, and individuals alike to put greater focus on conserving and nurturing key Blue Carbon systems like our mangrove forests”.
Further enhancing the program, are a range of interactive competitions, including quizzes. Social media will serve as a key channel for the dissemination of awareness material and participation opportunities. The outreach sessions planned as a part of the campaign are expected to engage close to 21,000 students and citizens across the 7 coastal states. A key feature of the new phase is the introduction of Mangrove Trails – a practical, hands-on experience for select volunteers to learn about the magnificent mangrove habitats. Mangrove Trails is intended to inspire action for the conservation of the nation’s rich biodiversity.
Speaking about education and awareness as critical elements for conserving biodiversity Mr. Ravi Singh, CEO, WWF-India added, “WWF-India works in multiple mangrove habitats, including the magnificent Sundarbans, which support a vast array of threatened species. Mangroves act as natural barriers to climate change and serve as nurseries and breeding grounds for many aquatic species. Their role is crucial in controlling coastal erosion, which is vital to protecting the topography of our coasts. Recognising the role of youth and citizens as major stakeholders in conservation, the Magical Mangroves movement seeks to build the Volunteers’ environmental awareness and knowledge of these essential and fragile ecosystems and enable positive action for their conservation.”
Over three successful years, the Magical Mangroves programme has mobilized 200+ volunteers, conducting 340+ webinars. The initiative also involved sessions led by distinguished experts such as Mr. Vasudevan, PCCF and MD of Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra; Dr. K. Kathiresan referred to as the Mangrove Man of India; Dr. Anamitra Anurag Danda – Director, Sunderbans Program WWF-India; Mr. Dhritiman Mukherjee, celebrated Wildlife Photographer; and Dr. Kiran Shankar Mali – Assistant Director, Livelihood Development, Mangrove Foundation.
As a founding member of the India Wetlands Coalition (formerly India Mangroves Coalition) alongside the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Godrej & Boyce is dedicated to the conservation of India’s larger wetland ecosystem of which mangroves are a key part. Beyond maintaining the largest privately-owned mangrove tract in Vikhroli, Mumbai, the company actively fosters research and public awareness for mangrove preservation.
The company’s Mangroves mobile app, a global educational tool available in 13 languages, has received significant international acclaim. Recognized as a “Global Solution” on the PANORAMA website, it was selected from 400 applications, making the final list of 130. Supported by organizations like UNEP, UNDP, and IUCN, the app has been downloaded across 131 countries, receiving praise from entities like UNDP, UNESCO, and the Global Mangrove Alliance, among others.
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