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CSR helps Yavatmal farmers double their efficiency with water conserving micro irrigation systems

Adani Foundation
ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Portfolio, along with Adani Foundation has introduced water conserving irrigation techniques to elevate the socio-economic landscape of farming communities near the ACC Chanda site. CSR efforts have facilitated the farmers of water-scarce Yavatmal district in witnessing the transformative power of micro irrigation sprinkler systems across their farmlands. This has resulted in high water conservation, empowering the farmers to double their efficiency.
For regions such as Wani taluka in Yavatmal, every drop of water is a precious resource. The region’s normal rainfall deficit of 911.34 mm, as well as scarce surface and groundwater resources make it crucial for farmers here to conserve the maximum amount of water to ensure a healthy crop. The CSR team identified the need to go beyond recharging the groundwater table. Hence, the sprinkler irrigation systems were identified as an ideal solution.
So far, 171 farmers have benefitted from the introduction of these sprinkler irrigation systems, covering a total of 424 acres of farmland here. Take for example Sandip Vasanta Wasukar from Shindola village, who is now able to irrigate an acre of land in about four hours with the sprinkler system, a task which demanded double the time and labour cost using traditional flood irrigation.
With impressive savings of 65-70% in water usage, Wasukar is able cultivate wheat, cotton, mustard, millet, and various vegetables on his eight acres of land quicker, and easier. Sprinkler irrigation has not only drastically cut down the time and efforts required, but also boosted his wheat production by two quintals per acre as well as overall productivity.
These irrigation solutions by Adani Foundation at villages near the ACC Chanda site underscore their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, creating positive impacts, and fostering inclusive growth in Yavatmal district.
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