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CoLive initiates survival kits targeting 2 lakh tribal families in Karnataka and Odisha

Covid Livelihood Coalition (CoLive), a consortium of grass-root level Covid response collectives, has come together to protect and sustain India’s most vulnerable communities linking health and livelihoods at a local scale. Its maiden endeavour is a survival kit that targets nearly 2 lakh tribal families in 5000 villages in the states of Karnataka and Orissa.
CoLive is seeking donors for the kits. With a reasonable cost of Rs. 1,857, each kit contains a month’s supply for a family of five, including ration items of rice, dal, flour, oil, salt, and condiments. Additionally, masks, face shields, and personal hygiene kits (sanitary pads, sanitizer) for women and adolescent girls will also be provided.

Tribals in a flux

Rural India is witnessing a distressing COVID 2.0 surge; especially the tribal-dominated pockets are disproportionately affected due to
(a) the non-availability of healthcare services (lives),
(b) steady fall in job opportunities and income levels (livelihoods) coupled with
(c) poor connectivity and challenging geographical terrain.
The disturbing situation of indigenous tribes and forest dwellers such as the Kui tribes, Bondas & Didayi tribes of Malkangiri district, Paudi Bhuyian of Angul district in the state of Odisha, and the Soligas of Karnataka without access to food availability and inadequacy of primary healthcare is a story of distress and fear with their lives and livelihood at risk.
Communities, especially the women breadwinners who make products and directly sell them in the market, are majorly impacted. It is also a significant challenge to step out and purchase a mask or even secure access to afford a decent meal. In these challenging times, a multi-sectoral engagement of organisations is the need of the hour to catalyse the evolution and activation of a coordinated emergency response system.

What is CoLive?

Convened by Industree Foundation, CoLive is a framework of front-line organisations within India, which ensures collaborating on immediate emergency response areas to empathetically impact the lives of those affected.
The kits are critical to make rural communities feel further safe and put their worries at ease on the most vital aspect to survival — food. In addition, the safety kit will aid in curbing the transmission of the virus in the villages and resume livelihood activities in parallel without fear by following COVID appropriate social behaviour.

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