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Climate Change Warning – Green to Red

Climate Change

According to a report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), India is currently the fourth highest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. This paints a worrisome picture about the state we are currently in, with respect to the climatic conditions. In addition to this, the environment has been gravely affected due to a large number of settlements that have come up as a result of industrialization in the last decade around the world. This has become the cause of many environmental concerns.

The various problems that have been affecting world temperatures have developed over time and are caused by humans’ rampant exploitation of natural resources. Seas and forests have become largely polluted due to the excess usage of non-recyclable materials in all parts of the world. There are few measures that can be undertaken by individuals to control these problems and save our planet from the impending dangers.

A lot has been done in the direction of limiting the use of plastic in order to control the use of plastic, but the methods have far been unviable to implement completely. What is possible though is taking responsibility for the problem at an individual level and bringing about a change at the personal, family and finally the social level. Use of plastic recycling machines where they are made available can also go a long way in eliminating its harmful existence and protect the environment in the long run. Disposing of waste at the right place is also important in order to manage it correctly and not let it reach the water reservoirs and the forests where it can harm the natural elements.

Pollution levels have been on the rise constantly due to a rise in the number of vehicles and hence increased vehicular emissions, burning of fossil fuels, acidification of rain through factory smokes and disposal of toxic waste, etc. Certain measures are being taken by governments to control the harmful concentration of particles that make the air polluted and land barren. Use of public transport can prove to be a great alternative and laws governing the idea can further strengthen and streamline the process of persuading the public.

Even though there have been various efforts to address climate change, carbon dioxide emissions were on a record high last year. However, any kind of action to release the heat-trapping gases can help in slowing the rate of global warming and also the harshness of change at any given point. If the problem is dealt with at local levels, as the carbon emissions originate from various regions, solutions can then be customized as per the community. To protect the coming generations from the harsh repercussions of today’s actions, it’s really essential to becoming responsible for our surroundings. It also becomes important to educate the kids and make them aware of the environment around them. After all, it is their future that needs to be secured.

Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala heads the non-profit organisation, Wockhardt Foundation, which runs several programmes in health, education, water and sanitation across India. He is also the Executive Director of Wockhardt Limited. An MBA from the prestigious Yale University in the USA, he has won numerous awards and is associated with many social causes. He is also the Founder of “The World Peacekeepers Movement”, an online movement.

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