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Celebrating India’s Independence Day 2023: India Inc. Unites in Patriotic Fervour

India Independence Day
As the calendar turns to another year, the vibrant spirit of India’s Independence Day fills the air with a renewed sense of unity, pride, and patriotism. In a nation rich with cultural diversity, historical significance, and economic dynamism, this day holds an exceptional place in the hearts of millions. Beyond its societal and cultural resonance, Independence Day also serves as a moment of reflection on the progress made and a time to envision a brighter future for the world’s largest democracy.
In 2023, the celebration of India’s 76th Independence Day resonates even more profoundly, as India Inc., the collective term encompassing the country’s expansive corporate sector, joins in the jubilant festivities. The business landscape of India has evolved significantly since its liberation from colonial rule, contributing to the nation’s growth story on both domestic and international fronts. This year’s celebrations by India Inc. not only underscore the harmonious blend of economic achievements and patriotic fervour but also shed light on the symbiotic relationship between the private sector and the nation’s progress.
This article delves into the heart of India Inc.’s commemoration of Independence Day, highlighting how various industries, conglomerates, and startups are coming together to mark this momentous occasion. From innovative corporate initiatives that embrace the spirit of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-Reliant India) to philanthropic endeavours aimed at social upliftment, the corporate world is making its mark in the celebration of India’s journey towards self-reliance, growth, and prosperity.

Vedanta Aluminium launched ‘#AzadiKaAsliMatlab’ campaign

Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, is launching a multi-channel campaign called ‘#AzadiKaAsliMatlab’ (The True Meaning of Freedom), on the occasion of India’s Independence Day 2023. The campaign pivots around a visually striking film encapsulating the nation’s progress on several fronts. It was launched on 14th August on YouTube and will be subsequently rolled out across all leading social media platforms on 15th August.

The film also echoes the role of aluminium as the backbone for numerous critical applications in the modern world, accelerating India’s transformation into a hub of world-class manufacturing and innovation. It will be accompanied by a print campaign on 15th August, based on the theme ‘Aluminium from the earth takes India to the skies’.
The #AzadiKaAsliMatlab campaign envisages freedom as a broad concept that transcends existing implications of the term. Taking inspiration from the query ‘Azadi Ka Kya Matlab Hai’ (What Does Freedom Mean To You?), the film encourages its diverse audience to reflect more deeply on what freedom means to them personally.
Freedom today manifests itself in many forms, signifying various things to different people. For example, the film depicts how India is a vast country home to numerous families separated by long distances, due to their work or education needs. Aluminium is facilitating modern transportation, such as through aluminium-bodied trains and aircraft, that help bring them closer. Similarly, the video also highlights how aluminium is addressing our national security needs through its extensive uses in electronics, satellites, rockets, defence equipment, fighter jets etc.
Expanding on this theme, the video further links freedom to deliverance from urban and rural poverty, from inadequate infrastructure, and even from the restrictive dependence on foreign imports, with aluminium, a metal of strategic importance, as the unifying thread.
The launch of the video was preceded by online teasers and will be followed by engaging creatives summing up the core theme of the campaign. Vedanta Aluminium is also supplementing the online campaign with several offline touchpoints, including multilingual front page ads in leading dailies, scribble boards for employees to pen their thoughts across Vedanta Aluminium’s operations, and on-ground activations through broader community celebrations.
Through its versatile properties, aluminium has established itself as a critical raw material crucial for building a self-reliant India, freeing it from both supply instabilities and geopolitical volatility.  Building on aluminium’s ubiquity as the second-most important metal in the world today, the campaign uniquely leverages the ‘metal of the future’ as a metaphor of what it means to be free in the 21st century.
Aluminium’s remarkable versatility, and India’s ability to produce it sustainably, is heralding a transformative era in the country’s manufacturing landscape. The metal is playing a pivotal role in the following key sectors that are vital to a self-reliant, resurgent India:
– Hi-Tech Manufacturing: Domestic aluminium can power India’s rise as the hi-end manufacturing hub of the world, as it is a critical raw material for this sunrise sector.
– Aerospace: Aluminium and its alloys are essential for building modern aircraft, owing to its high strength-to-weight ratio and anti-corrosive nature. This also makes it useful for building drones for both industrial and military applications.
– Defence: Aluminium lends itself to several cutting-edge applications in weapons, armour and field communications within the global defence sector, epitomizing the nation’s self-reliance in an especially crucial domain.
– Construction and Infrastructure: Aluminium’s malleability, ductility and durability make it indispensable in sustainable, ‘green’ construction. This bolsters the nation’s infrastructure development, offering eco-friendly alternatives for a self-reliant future.
– Automotive: Aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio and durability has helped it find increasing adoption in the automotive sector. It is also driving the transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) and vehicular lightweighting.
– Power generation & distribution: Aluminium is playing a crucial role in the global transition to Net Zero, by propelling the advancement of renewable energy through technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. It is also essential in power distribution and storage.
Packaging: Aluminium’s infinite recyclability has encouraged packaging industries to opt for metal for uses such as aluminium foil and cans, signifying freedom from plastic pollution while also preserving the planet.

Shaadi.com Empowering Women

India’s no. 1 matchmaking platform, Shaadi.com’s social initiative arm, Shaadi.org, has long been a steward of social change focused on empowering women. This year, it is furthering the cause of women’s financial independence, starting this Independence Day by joining hands with Udayan Care, a women-focused NGO. Through this association, Shaadi.org envisions upskilling up to 10,000 women over a period of five years by pledging monetary support to the NGO’s Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme and fostering the women’s journey of financial autonomy and integration into the workforce. The organisation’s commitment resonates further in an inspiring campaign titled ‘RevolutioNaaris’ launched to raise awareness about India’s low female workforce participation rates.

In every initiative it has undertaken previously, Shaadi.org has sought to start a meaningful dialogue around gender disparities and create a nation where men and women have equitable opportunities by empowering women. Women’s financial independence makes up for an integral aspect of the broader discourse around women’s empowerment. And it is much more pronounced in India – one of the key inflection points being marriages. Various reports over the years suggest societal norms and expectations of running domestic affairs alone push around 50% of the women in India out of the workforce after marriage. According to reports, 76% of women in India are still dependent on others for a livelihood, while 68% of women graduates in India are not a part of the workforce today. However, being dependent compromises their dignity, independence and alleviates oppression.
To shed light on the constraints faced by women when it comes to being financially independent and to achieve gender equality through education and employment, Shaadi.org has partnered with Udayan Care and is committing to provide financial backing, and leadership skills to empower 10,000 women through the latter’s Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme for over five years. With this, the company is facilitating women from all walks of life to develop skills that will enable them to pursue various disciplines and vocations. This will, in turn, help lower barriers and carve out an accessible gateway for themselves to enter diverse economic sectors, become financially independent and actively contribute to India’s progress.

EyeQ Launches #VisionFreedom Campaign

EyeQ-Independence day

EyeQ has launched a #VisionFreedom digital campaign, on the occasion of Independence Day, with an objective to empower individuals with the knowledge of self-reliant eye care practices and promote healthy vision. This initiative is aligned with EyeQ’s belief that good vision is a right, not a luxury, and that proactive eye care is crucial for maintaining optimal eye health. The campaign is launched across the brand’s social media handles unravelling facts and tips associated with eyecare. The brand recently launched LASIK treatment as another step towards achieving a healthier vision for people.
As part of the campaign, EyeQ is offering an exclusive INR 7500 discount on LASIK services, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing awareness and accessibility to superior eye care. The campaign seeks to address the lack of awareness about regular eye checkups and proper eye care, which can lead to preventable vision impairments.
With a network of 29 Super-Speciality Eye Hospitals across Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat, as well as three additional hospitals in Nigeria, Africa, EyeQ is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable eye care. As a leader in the field, EyeQ envisions a world where everyone has access to exceptional eye care.
In connection with the #VisionFreedom campaign, EyeQ’s range of services includes advanced procedures like LASIK surgery. LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is a popular refractive surgery that can correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. By offering LASIK surgery and other specialized treatments, EyeQ reaffirms its commitment to providing comprehensive eye care services to empower individuals in their journey towards clearer and healthier vision.

Equitas Celebrates Independence Day through their ‘Circle of Life’ Series

Equitas Small Finance Bank celebrates the 76th Independence Day by sharing the inspiring story of a salt farmer couple which presents the essence of empowerment, resilience, and importance of education. The couple working in a salt marsh of Gujarat is committed to nurturing their children’s dreams, despite facing various obstacles.

This awe-inspiring video from the ‘Circle of Life’ series by Equitas gives a voice to Gajraben and Satishbhai’s strong hopes for securing a better future for their children through education. The grains of salt resemble the couple’s strong determination and tireless efforts in the tough terrains of the Rann, where harsh summers and winters challenge people’s endurance. Their unwavering determination to struggle for basic rights, such as education echoes the sentiment of the historic Dandi March and the pursuit of a brighter future.
Equitas Small Finance Bank recognized the potential in Gajraben and Satishbhai’s efforts and extended its support through a loan which which allowed the couple to secure the land they cultivated salt on and further their dreams. Their journey is a testament to the bank’s commitment to go ‘Beyond Banking’ and investing in the dreams of ordinary people, transforming them into extraordinary stories of success.
Equitas Small Finance Bank’s ‘Circle of Life’ series honours stories of determination, valour, and sacrifice. It aims to reignite the spirit of aspiration and remind people to dream. The bank remains committed to fostering a better India by supporting families like Gajraben’s.

Dell Technologies Collaboration with Literacy India

Literacy India's Gyanrath to educate rural marginalised children
Literacy India’s Gyanrath to educate rural marginalised children
Literacy India, a pioneering organization dedicated to transforming lives through education, joined by Dell Technologies, celebrated the Amrit Mahotsav by launching a series of transformative initiatives that empower youth, especially young girls and women, enhance skills, and create sustainable impact. This collaborative effort reflects a commitment to fostering education, innovation, and holistic development, aligning perfectly with the spirit of India’s 76 years of independence.
The occasion also marked the launch of the “Gyanrath – The Tech on Wheels” with the support of Dell Technology, Gurugram volunteers’ team. This initiative features a daily wager’s daughter, Sarita, who will steer the Gyan-Rath to distribute tablets and laptops to underprivileged children. The Gyan-Rath initiative is rooting for Literacy India’s Gyantantra curriculum, utilizing the Gyantantra Learning Lab – a gamified digital platform that nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive learning experiences as well imparts training on coding using code.org curriculum.
Literacy India has been spearheading several digital education initiatives for the marginalised and has impacted over 3 lakh lives with the Gyantantra program. This program was started with Dell Technologies supporting the initiative with the creation of a four hundred hours multimedia program. With the long-standing association with Dell Technologies for over 15 years, they have together reached youth and children across 18 states in India.
The heart of this collaboration lies in the initiatives that illuminate a brighter future for underprivileged communities. A showcase of Literacy India’s Future Skills Lab displayed empowered young minds with cutting-edge skills vital for the modern world. During the event, an online connection with the unique beneficiaries from EJM College-Leh Ladakh, Blind beneficiaries from Jaipur, Rajasthan and tribal youth of Nandurbar, Maharashtra was established with the Dell Technology Gurugram volunteers. Over the years, Dell CSR and Dell Employee giving have directly impacted the lives of over one lac women and children.
The Tinkering Lab that was showcased at the event fosters creativity and innovation among children, encouraging them to experiment and explore various concepts through hands-on activities with a passion for problem-solving and critical thinking.
Around 98 students from different community centres participated in the Tinkering lab for Robotics and programming training. Projects created by them in Tinkering Lab are Smart Dustbin, Smart Garden, WhalesBot, including a Spinning chakkra, Conveyor Belt, Harvesting machine, Seed dispenser, Gear Mechanism, Colour sorting machine, and Human following Robot. They also created a project using a colour detector for colour-blind people using the Arduino Uno and the TCS230 colour sensor.
Adding a touch of theatre to the occasion, a compelling street play “Muniya ki Duniya” narrated the inspiring journey of an abundant girl child and her triumph over adversities. This poignant narrative resonated with the audience and highlighted the need to empower every child to break free from societal constraints. An equally captivating moment unfolded as Dell Technology Gurgaon volunteers joined hands with Literacy India children to paint vibrant murals that capture the essence of imagination and collaboration. The resulting artworks serve as a testament to the power of partnerships in nurturing creativity and artistic expression.

Numen Health honours the Ex-Servicemen and their families

As the nation comes together to celebrate 77th Independence Day, Numen Health, a pioneer in comprehensive healthcare, has announced a momentous partnership with Hriday Vigyan Trust, a well-known NGO dedicated to health care, and Command Hospital (CHAF), Bangalore, a distinguished medical institution with a strong focus on military healthcare in Bengaluru. This collaborative effort is aimed at extending vital healthcare services, at absolutely no cost, to ex-servicemen and their families.
Numen Health, known for its unwavering commitment to making healthcare accessible and output-oriented, is leveraging this partnership to extend its services to an incredibly deserving and respected community—the ex-servicemen who have dedicated their entire life passionately to safeguard the nation. The experience and expertise of Numen Health can be a game changer in the healthcare services of veteran servicemen.
Numen Health’s multifaceted interventions, specially curated to address healthcare at various levels, will be extended to ex-servicemen and their families through this partnership. This includes preventive measures, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support, encompassing the complete spectrum of Numen Health’s well-marked healthcare offerings. With this collaboration, we are uniting to solve the lack of preventive care and chronic condition management. Collectively, we shall be focusing more on post-cure care.
Today, as the nation observes another year of independence, this partnership serves as a meaningful tribute to our nation’s heroes. We move ahead with the objective of ensuring that they receive the support and care for their health today and everyday, hassle-free.