Anju Roy

CSR: Green enterprise generating livelihood in Assam

Assam’s employment opportunities are inadequate and inaccessible. Unemployment rates are increasing and economic growth is limited to the cities. Alternatives to agricultural employment are focused in major cities, fueling a prominent urban/rural economic gap. Unemployment is the root cause of increasing crime and terrorism in the Northeast. The way out is creating employment opportunities for...
Deloitte logo

WorldClass by Deloitte to impact lives of 10 million girls and women in India

Deloitte, a large professional services organisation, Friday announced the launch of its global initiative ‘WorldClass’ in India, which aims to support 10 million girls and women by 2030 through education and skills development. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India and Deloitte’s Global CEO, Punit Renjen...
mobile gender gap

CSR: Closing the mobile gender gap

While mobile phone ownership and mobile internet use have increased significantly among women, there is still a persistent gender gap. Women’s lower levels of mobile ownership and use not only reflect existing gender inequalities, but also threaten to compound them. If the mobile gender gap is not addressed, women risk being left behind as societies...
Children of India

PwC and Save the Children hosts a roundtable on Child Rights

Save the Children along with PwC India Foundation organised a roundtable on Creating Transformational Business Partnerships for Child Rights. CSR heads of leading Electronics, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial organisations attended the meet. Bidisha Pillai, CEO, Save the Children was also present at the event. Businesses discussed top CSR trends and projections for 2019, and how stakeholders could...
Women in Boards

CSR: Gender Diversity on Boards improve in India

The revised Companies Act, 2013 made it mandatory for all listed companies and other public limited firms to appoint at least one woman as a member of the Board of Directors. India became the first developing country in the world to have such a norm to empower women as well as promote diversity at...
gender diversity

CSR: Gender Diversity can be Productive in Business

Gender Diversity in the business world makes a company more productive, as measured by market value and revenue, according to research conducted by Harvard Business Review. In a study of 1069 leading firms across 35 countries and 24 industries, it was found that countries and industries that view gender diversity as important, capture benefits...
Time zone

CSR: Single Time Zone in India causing hinderance in National Development

Poverty and Education are two issues that India is struggling with for decades. Many reasons have been listed for causing these problems in the country, including overpopulation, lack of awareness, gender inequality, corruption, and many more. However, new research suggests that a single time zone in the entire country also plays a role in...
Anuja Bansal

CSR spending has mostly gone to set priorities of India Inc: Anuja Bansal, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India

One person can make a difference. Working together we make lasting changes, believes Anuja Bansal. As Secretary General of SOS Children’s Villages of India, her role is to lead the organisation in the strategic direction they have envisaged for themselves by 2020 and 2030, with the support and partnership of all stakeholders. With over five...
Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education: A Head Start to Learning

While the schooling years sets the trajectory for learning and development, the years that precede the start of the primary schooling age are considered to lay down the early foundations for this learning and development. Year after year, the ASER report has chalked out the learning deficit posing serious questions on the efficacy of...
digital finance for women

CSR: Empowering women through digital finance

Did you know that poor women account for 1.1 billion of the world’s unbanked adults, or most of the financially excluded? Financial inclusion needs to bridge gender gaps for it to become truly inclusive, and India has a long way to go in this respect. In order for digital finance to reach rural women sustainably, there...
child sexual abuse

ActionAid India launches a campaign against Child Sexual Abuse

ActionAid India, an agency working with vulnerable communities since 1972 to further social and ecological justice, in partnership with WATConsult, a digital agency in the Dentsu Aegis Network's bouquet, has launched #JoinTheDots, a campaign to highlight child sexual abuse. The campaign aims to prevent the incidence of abuse as well as encourages adults to...
Mobile Creches

CSR: Effective Childcare to Disrupt the Poverty Cycle

With growing urbanization in the country, more and more people are moving to larger cities to seek jobs and make a better life for themselves. The cities, ill-prepared for the surge in population is doing its best to accommodate all the migrants by expansion. This has caused a lot more construction projects to line...

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