Royal Enfield partners with NGO EKAM Foundation to support Tamil Nadu Government

In its quest to contribute to sustainable and improved healthcare services, Royal Enfield, through Eicher Group Foundation joined hands with Ekam Foundation, a pan–India NGO working in the Maternal and Child Health Space. This Corporate Social Responsibility initiative saw a team of senior executives from Eicher Group Foundation visit the Chengalpattu Medical College, meet and...
Happy Girl

Happy is the new rich!

In this world of changing priorities, happiness falls at the bottom of the list with more importance being given to materialistic pleasures. In order to recognise its importance in the lives of people around the world, the United Nations started celebrating the International Day of Happiness since the year 2013. To support the idea...
WABAG plant for VHS

WABAG dedicates 600 LPH water treatment plant to VHS Hospital

VA TECH WABAG LIMITED (‘WABAG’) under its CSR program has designed and built a drinking water treatment plant in Chennai for Voluntary Health Services (VHS), a multi-specialty hospital and research institute in Chennai, which has been serving the needs of the underprivileged for over 60 years as a non-profit healthcare service provider. The 600 litres...
Happy Holi

CSR: Use Organic Colours this Holi

Holi is one of the major festivals in India. The festival of colours is a two-day celebration with people applying colours and water on each other on the second day. While this is a fun activity, the colours used in the festival are often hard and tough to get off. The chemicals used to...
mental health

Are We Failing The Mentally Ill?

Among the many challenges India faces, the most underappreciated is the ongoing mental health crisis. Mental illness is actually India’s ticking bomb. An estimated 56 million Indians suffer from depression and 38 million from anxiety disorders. For those who suffer from mental illness, life can seem like a terrible prison from which there is no hope of escape;...
Rise against hunger

United Airlines and Rise Against Hunger India unite to end world hunger

United Airlines, the global partner of Rise Against Hunger India (RAHI), has joined hands with RAHI to pack 10,000 meals today, for street kids and orphans.  United Airlines has taken the initiative with Rise Against Hunger to package 2 million meals globally and this is their first initiative in India. Around 60 United Airlines employees came...
Tuberculosis Bacteria

Johnson & Johnson Announces 10-year Initiative to Help End Tuberculosis

Ahead of the first-ever United Nations (UN) High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (TB), Johnson & Johnson announced a comprehensive 10-year initiative in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal target of ending the TB pandemic by 2030. With the goal of saving an estimated 1.8 million lives and preventing 12 million new TB infections...

Preventing hospital-acquired infections and addressing antibiotic resistance

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Antimicrobial resistance happens when microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites) change when they are exposed to antimicrobial drugs (such as antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals and antimalarials). Microorganisms that develop antimicrobial resistance are sometimes referred to as “superbugs”. As a result, the medicines become ineffective and infections persist...
Mobile 1000 - 200th van launched

Wockhardt Foundation’s ‘Mobile 1000’ program meets another Milestone

Mobile 1000, a social initiative programme by Wockhardt Foundation achieves its next milestone by launching the 200th medical van. The mobile 1000 vans aim at providing professional healthcare delivery to the rural most areas in the country. The launch of the 200th van is significant as it further strengthens the reach of the programme. The...

My Journey to Green Paradise Chhattisgarh

After his experiences facilitating healthcare in the villages of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Odisha Dr Anantpal Singh writes about Chhattisgarh in his series. Chhattisgarh is a lush green state with abundant natural reserves and beautiful weather. The state that can resemble paradise is famous for its Redbrick Laxman temple and Chitrakoot waterfalls. It is predominantly rural and...
Manisha Koirala leads walk against tobacco and cancer in Assam

Bollywood actress and cancer survivor Manisha Koirala stands up to cancer

On Women's Day, we salute strong women like Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, who has battled cancer and is now doing everything she can so that others can stand up to it. She wrote the book Healed, which deals with Koirala's journey through cancer, the intricacies of the disease and the treatment involved, so that people...
Don't You Waste Food campaign

Food Waste Campaign Encourages Communities to Engage Pan-India

“I gave a starving woman living on the streets a bowl of rice. She looked in wonder as I handed it to her. She said she had not eaten in many days. Looking at it while I put it beside her, without eating, she died. The torture of hunger finished her,” Mother Teresa once...

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