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Ben and Jerrys Millennials

CSR: Sustainability as we knew it is over

Sustainability among brands is undergoing a renaissance as eco-conscious consumers demand ethical practices, responsible behaviour and innovation to cut excess. In response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly. Make way for the New Sustainability. Late in 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on...
Performance by specially abled dancers

Candor TechSpace hosts conference with specially-abled achievers

Candor TechSpace, the leading provider of IT/ITES office spaces, hosted a special event to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities at Roseate House, Aerocity in New Delhi, on 28th November. The event saw distinguished persons from various walks of life engage in a stimulating dialogue on the role of infrastructure in facilitating the...

How storytelling can help achieve SDGs

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expired in 2015, had little impact in accelerating global development efforts. The slow progress of the MDGs, was in large part due to low awareness amongst the general public on what the goals meant and what action needed to be taken. Effective communication, hence, will be a critical...
Corporate Ethics

CSR: Corporate Ethics In India

In today’s scandal ridden world, ethical businesses have an upper hand in terms of customer retention and brand image. Over the coming decade, the importance of corporate ethics is only going to increase, according to a study. Currently, the investments in corporate compliance programs is at all time high in the Asia Pacific region. According...

Difference Between CSR And Philanthropy

Majority of the times when Corporate Social Responsibility is mentioned, it is mainly in reference to the philanthropic initiatives of a company. CSR and Philanthropy has been always misconstrued as synonymous. However, there is a significant difference between the two. Philanthropy is defined as promoting and attempting to bring about social change by majorly making...
CSR and PR

Relationship Between CSR And PR

CSR and PR are closely related to each other. PR could be both, a blessing and a curse to CSR. Therefore, it is very important to understand these concepts and relationship between them. CSR is not PR. The CSR legislation has made many companies view CSR as a marketing tool. The organisations undertake certain activities...
Ascent Conclave 2018

ASCENT Conclave brought together Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs

ASCENT Foundation, a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer learning platform for entrepreneurs, hosted its 3rd edition of the ASCENT Conclave, on November 23 at St. Regis, Mumbai. The full-day event brought together some of India’s most inspiring and recognized leaders who shared their entrepreneurial journey over the years, failure and success stories. Themed Beyond the Conversation, the...
stories at work

Stories Are Powerful — Evolution and Biology Have a Role to Play

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn. When you read these six words, what feelings do they evoke? Don’t these six words immediately make us empathize with an unknown, grief-stricken woman? We can almost visualize the situation and our hearts go out to her. Ernest Hemingway wrote this story, calling it a six-word novel. It shows the...
Data privacy

CSR: Data Privacy Laws in India

From May 2018, every website you visit started showing you a notice informing you of an update in their privacy policy or asking if you understand that the company is using cookies to collect data about you. These companies were always collecting data while you were surfing but after May 2018, it became mandatory...

CSR: Why Homeopathy Gets A Bad Name

It comes as no surprise that many strong advocates of conventional medicine have a somewhat disdainful regard for homeopathy. The long history of attack stems from opposing views between conventional medicine and homeopathy practitioners on how illness should be treated, especially when it comes to the treatment of disease. Conventional medicine basically assumes that there...

CSR Spends: What The Data Tells Us

By Shankar Venkateswaran Four years after the CSR mandate, here's a look at the geographies and sectors funds were directed towards; what has changed in the way companies give; and how we can address the gaps that still exist. Section 135 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013, or the CSR clause, came into effect on April...
gender diverse company

CSR: Are Gender-Inclusive Companies More Socially Responsible?

Companies and society win when business leaders are gender-inclusive. Researchers from Harvard Business School examined how corporate leadership and organizational structure influence CSR by utilizing the most visible form: corporate philanthropy. Focusing specifically on how women leaders might impact CSR, researchers from Harvard Business School and Catalyst conducted follow-up analysis. Compared to companies without women executive...

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