Home Press Release Biocon Group concludes month-long sustainability initiatives commemorating ‘World Environment Day’ 

Biocon Group concludes month-long sustainability initiatives commemorating ‘World Environment Day’ 

Bengaluru, India: Biocon Group, a leading global biopharmaceutical organization, kicked off an extensive month-long ‘Nature Positive’ campaign on World Environment Day. Employees across the group participated in the initiative that was aimed to inspire and engage them in embracing a Nature Positive mindset, emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability.

Tree Plantation Drive:

The Biocon Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of the Biocon Group, joined hands with the Malligavad Foundation to organize a tree plantation drive at Yarandahalli Lake. This rejuvenation project witnessed the planting of 1,000 saplings, symbolizing the Group’s dedication to environmental preservation.
The event that was attended by Dr Anupama Shetty, Mission Director, Biocon Foundation and Anand Malligavad, founder of the Malligavad Foundation, brought together over 200 volunteers from Biocon Group, government schools, representatives of Hennagara Panchayat, and the Forest Department. Biocon Foundation acknowledges the utmost significance of safeguarding the environment and encourages individuals to act and contribute their share.
Dr Anupama Shetty, Mission Director, Biocon Foundation, said, “Biocon Foundation’s primary objective in planting 1,000 trees around Yarandahalli Lake is to enhance the tree cover, mitigate air and water pollution, combat soil erosion, and foster biodiversity. These efforts aim to establish a sustainable and healthy environment for the local community. Environmental stewardship is a fundamental aspect of the Biocon Group’s business practices, as we recognize the vital need to conserve natural resources. We firmly believe that nature-based solutions, coupled with robust community engagement, are key to addressing environmental challenges effectively. By mobilizing collective action, we can create a lasting positive impact on our environment and nurture a healthier planet for generations to come.”

Be Nature Positive:

“Being ‘Nature Positive’ implies adopting an approach that includes restoring and regenerating rather than only extracting. Our contribution to nature should be greater than what we take from it. It also implies reducing our consumption and finding ways to reduce the adverse impact on the environment. Working with nature to create a more sustainable future is the key to a successful future for the generations to follow. At Biocon Group, we value the importance of being Nature Positive and hence rolled out an integrated campaign in June 2023 to sensitize people,” said Seema Ahuja, Global Head of Communications & Corporate Brand, Biocon Group.
· Encouraging employees to adopt a ‘Nature Positive’ approach: The campaign also encouraged employees to adopt a Nature Positive approach by gifting plants to their colleagues. Furthermore, various awareness sessions and contests including poster making and quizzes centered around the concept of #BeatPollution were conducted. NGOs promoting environment-friendly products were invited to set up stalls on the Company’s campus to raise awareness and promote sustainable alternatives.
· #BeatPlasticPollution – beach clean-up and tree plantation: A clean-up and waste plastic collection campaign was organized in line with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution for the year 2023, established by UN, at the Company’s manufacturing site in Vishakhapatnam. This initiative further highlighted Company’s commitment to responsible waste management. Biocon employees were provided with over 1,000 saplings for planting around Yarandahalli Lake, Karnataka fostering a healthier and cleaner ecosystem.
· Creating awareness on social media: Harnessing the power of social media, Biocon Group also rolled out a compelling campaign #BeNaturePositive to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation, maintaining ecological balance, reducing consumption of resources, and finding new alternatives. Through engaging content, the campaign reached a wide audience, across LinkedIn and Twitter, inspiring individuals to reflect on their own ecological footprint and take positive action.
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