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Environment Conflict

The Same Name Again, Vedanta

According to the Environmental Justice Atlas, India has more environmental conflicts than any other country in the world. Most of these conflicts are rooted in the cozy relationship between business and political interests, supported by a compliant administration. Another significant observation that has marred these conflicts is the continuing nature of violations by the same...

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman

Born into a French Catholic family, Simone de Beauvoir was raised to follow the path of religious devotion, marriage and children. Abandoning her predetermined destiny, de Beauvoir went on to become one of the greatest feminist thinkers of her century. She is also considered to be one of the most preeminent French existential philosophers. Moved...

Blockchain: A New Momentum for Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, the popularity of the blockchain technology has piggybacked on the hype of cryptocurrencies. It is the technology on which cryptocurrencies run. Over the past few years, it has evolved beyond being synonymous with cryptocurrencies and is now placed on the pedestal of being a revolutionary technology with...
impact bonds

Impact Bonds: Driving a New Paradigm in Development Finance

Since its launch in 2010, impact bonds have gained much attention in the development finance world. It has been hailed by many development finance experts as an innovative way to address societal challenges by bridging the gap in social impact financing. The latest entrant in the growing list of innovative development financial instruments has...
Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education: A Head Start to Learning

While the schooling years sets the trajectory for learning and development, the years that precede the start of the primary schooling age are considered to lay down the early foundations for this learning and development. Year after year, the ASER report has chalked out the learning deficit posing serious questions on the efficacy of...

Need for Overcoming the ‘Learning Deficit’

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is well known for waking us to the grim realities of our learning system. What has changed from the early years of ASER, when its findings were viewed with scepticism, is that now there is general acceptance of the learning crisis. However, little has changed in the...

Aligning Corporate Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility

The evolution of theoretical thought on CSR can be viewed through three stages: philanthropy, evolution from philanthropy to value creation and shared value. The latest view of creating shared value can be regarded as the integration of CSR into corporate strategy. By conceptualizing CSR as a source of competitive advantage, Michael E. Porter and...

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