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Priyanka Kheruka, Brand Head, Borosil Glass Works Ltd.


How can we all do our own bit to protect the environment?

Today, there is an evident environmental crisis. Governments and institutions globally are doing their best to save the planet from further damage. This is because there has been a misuse of natural resources leading to depletion. The rise in air pollution caused by many factors including single-use plastics, deforestation, global warming, overpopulation, industrial waste...

Corporate Involvement is the Best Way to Gain Medals

Sport has the ability to bring out the best in us – both as individuals and as a nation. It unites us across region, caste and economic differences. There was no Indian who did not have a lump in their throat when Hima Das came up from behind and crossed the finish line as the...

Practical Tips To Reduce Plastic Pollution In Office

Every year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, the United Nations proposes a theme to champion by individuals, enterprises and communities for preserving and improving the environment. While this year’s theme is Air pollution, India last year woke up to a critical theme: Beat Plastic Pollution. Both, Air Pollution and Plastic Pollution are rising...

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