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How to Invest In Climate Resilience Without Overspending

By: Nicole Schlabach Resilient buildings are appealing more and more to CRE investors due to recent extreme weather events. A climate or disaster-resistant building will hold up under a serious storm's pressure, and it will require less costly maintenance work in the case of a disaster. But, do you really need to invest in these...

How Faster Shipping Impacts the Environment

By: Riley Panko According to new research by Clutch, nearly half of online shoppers receive packages within 2-3 days of placing their orders. Unfortunately, rushed shipping can lead to significant environmental problems. For example, Amazon’s 2017 deliveries emitted roughly 19 million metric tons of carbon, and that was before the company began rolling out its new one-day...

Is It Socially Responsible for Corporate Leaders to Take Political Stances?

By: Nicole Schlabach It is increasingly common for corporate leaders to take stances about political issues and corporate social responsibility is en vogue. Often, leaders take stances in support of the causes of social equality or justice. Are these stances, though, socially responsible? Company Leaders Take a Stand for Many Reasons In today’s digital landscape, it’s become increasingly difficult...

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