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Walking the Talk: the Gap Between Intention and Action

The central premise of Section 135 of the Companies Act has been to link profits to welfare, leading to betterment of society as a whole. With the advent of this section, the creators of wealth and generators of profit were forced to acknowledge philanthropy beyond personal charitable giving. Philanthropy and the development sector suddenly became...

The Relevance of Niche Social Solutions

India is a country of scale.  Together, we suffer at scale, celebrate at scale, attempt to resolve and solve at scale.  Across the country, the larger issues of poverty, illiteracy, corruption and such other evils thrive at scale.  It is only logical that when we attempt resolving such issues, solutions be crafted for scale. It is...

Addressing Our Needs or The Need of The Hour?

Munna is an 18 year old unemployed college drop-out. He lives in the slums of Mumbai and would spend most of his time unproductively. Today, through supportive programs, he has received training in plumbing and is able to earn a sustainable amount. Is this all that Munna is? Is this the real problem he has?...

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