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Dr. Ashwin Naik, Co-founder, Mission ICU


Why detailed ICU Mapping for Rural India is a Vital Step to Strengthening the Critical Healthcare Infrastructure?

More than 65% of our country’s population resides in rural areas. With more than half of the population concentrated in rural areas, one would naturally assume that the rural areas are well-equipped on the healthcare front. The stats, however, have a different story to tell. Rural India accounts for only 3.2 government hospital beds...

5 things to look for when choosing an on-ground implementation partner for healthcare CSR

Modern enterprises are actively involved in CSR as companies now believe they are equally responsible and genuinely interested in improving the state of their community and stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted profit-oriented organizations to wake up to the gruesome reality of the healthcare infrastructure and compelled them to contribute in whichever way possible to improve the...

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