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Addressing the Congenital Heart Defects Problem in Rural India

In India, nine in a thousand children are born with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), translating to 2 lac children every year. (Medical Journal of Indian Pediatrics, 2021). More than 1/5th of these babies have severe defects that require treatment in the first year. However, very few are diagnosed and receive timely treatment. Present at...

Focus On Rural Women Livelihoods: Game changer for recovery of the rural economy

The pandemic, the aftermath of the first two waves and the continuous fear of a third wave have gripped the nation with many challenges. The economy took a big hit during the first wave and while we were just recovering from it, the second wave and lockdown happened. Despite agriculture being the lesser impacted...

Leveraging Technology in Agriculture to Drive Better Farm Outputs in Rural India

On one of my recent visits to Raigad, I interacted with Shiva, a small farmer whose family has been practising agriculture for generations. Walking across his field, he was navigating between three apps. He subscribed to one of the apps through Swades; for monitoring his farm inputs and cultivation data, while the other two...

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