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Financial Inclusion in India

CSR: Financial Inclusion For The Underprivileged

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite this, a majority of the country’s population is still unbanked. Financial Inclusion was used in India for the first time in 2005 by the then Governor of RBI, Y Venugopal Reddy, in order to address the need to provide financial services to...
Hawkers in Mumbai on Footpaths

CSR: Take Action Against Illegal Encroachment

A middle aged woman plays with her life everyday on the Marol Maroshi Road when she walks to the Vijay-nagar bridge to buy the favorite vegetables and fruits for her young granddaughters. A bike rider going to office everyday from the Ghatkopar Link Road is looking for alternate options for commute fearing his safety...
Save Water

CSR: Save Water From Everyday Life

India is facing its worst water crisis currently. With a population that is estimated to reach up to 1.7 billion by 2050, water needs are set to rise in the country. With rising awareness about the criticality of the situation, government has started taking steps to clean up the grossly polluted water bodies and encouraging...
Mumbai Light Pollution

Enjoy The Darkness To Avoid Light Pollution

Mumbai is referred to as a city that never sleeps. No matter what time of the day or night one can always find people awake, on the road, working, driving or just enjoying the beautiful lights of the night. This contributes to the Light pollution in the city. Light pollution is the unnatural over illumination...
Solar Panels - Renewable Energy

Solar Lab Inaugurated In The Capital

Energy is depleting. Since the industrial revolution and many inventions that have made our lives easier, the demand for the raw materials and natural resources have increased drastically. This has led to deforestation, destruction of ecosystems and depletion of many natural resources. According to The World Counts, there are only about 36 years or so...
Road Saftey

Teaching Road Safety At A Tender Age

Road safety is a serious concern in India. With a large population density and almost non-existent traffic sense, mishaps are a common happening in India. The country is in its developing stage. The infrastructure is improving at a lightning fast speed in most of the major cities of the country. However, along with that many more...
Sridevi and Gauri Shinde

Sridevi, A Woman Of Substance

Every woman is like a goddess. She has a capacity to give endless love but also fight and even kill for her honor, love and respect. But a smart woman is one who does that all while inspiring others. She does it with pride and grace while not taking undue advantage of her gender. She...
Skill Development for snoozing security guards

Skill Development – A Path to Future

Skill development is the need of the hour for every individual. With Artificial intelligence taking over lot of human jobs, it is important for everyone to stay updated. Of course AI will generate many more jobs, but there would be a different skill set required to be able to do them. India is a developing...
Healthcare for everyone

Healthcare – A Right, Not A Privilege

Health care in India is still not a privilege to everyone. There are several communities in the country for which basic healthcare needs are rarely accessible. Salt pan farmers working in the Little Rann of Kutch are facing a similar situation. This farmer community, known as the Agariyas lives about 250 km away from Ahmedabad,...
World's highest ice hockey rink in India

World’s Highest Ice Rink Inaugurated In India

The 2018 winter Olympics held in South Korea came and went with just two participants from India. India, a country with a population of 1.3 billion, did not have enough athletes to participate in various games in the Olympics. Several parts of India have winter all year long. There is a natural place available with...
Brain Exercise - Puzzle solving

Solve Puzzles To Avoid Illness

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to health and wellness. With more than 60 million Indians suffering from Mental illnesses as per the WHO report, it is high time we start taking steps to prevent being a victim to the same. This is especially important since the treatment for mental illness...
Studying the globe

Education And Parenting Go Hand In Hand

Neurological research shows that the education and parenting received during early childhood plays an important role in children’s brain development. It is during this stage when they learn to learn and form thinking patterns. Hence, it is extremely important for parents and teachers to work as a team for efficient upbringing of a child. Parenting...

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