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The Life Of Firefighters

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” asked a teacher to her class of third graders. ‘Doctor’ ‘Engineer’ ‘Pilot’ ‘Shahrukh Khan’, came the answers of the students. No one said, ‘Firefighter’. Not even Manav whose father was one. The job of a firefighter is daring and challenging. It involves risk of accidents,...
Circus Animals

Cruelty Behind The Amusement In The Circus

The circus animals are not as amused as they appear to be while they try and entertain the audience. In fact, they are far from feeling anything positive. The circus animals perform the tricks that they do after going through rigorous training that they receive which includes abuse and cruelty. Animals in wilderness generally spend...
CSR: Adopt A Village, Educate And Transform Rural India

CSR: Qualitative Education For Everyone

Education should not be a privilege but a right to everyone. However, it would only matter in the cause of progress and economic development if the education is qualitative. It does not make any sense to teach the students, the detailed working of Black and white TV in the era of LED and smart...
Indian Child and Mother

CSR: A Gift For Children This Mother’s Day

Mother figure is very influential to every child’s personality. Which is why, Mother’s Day is one of the most special and celebrated days in India and across the world. In India, Mothers are always accounted for a child’s behaviour or actions. They get more credit for a child’s good behaviour and bear the brunt for...
Block Printing Art

Reviving And Preserving Folk Art

India is known for its rich heritage, culture and traditions. The art and fashion in the country is often a reflection to these. Folk art forms of India are highly popular in the international market. However, some of them are losing its existence, because of the complexity of the work, time consuming procedures and...
Books Donation Drive

CSR: Books For Right To Education

It is rightly said that Education is the key to success. It is like a light of dawn after an extended darkness of ignorance, illiteracy, poverty and everything else that holds us back from becoming a superpower. Government of India has realised the importance of education and is working towards providing quality education to...
Basketball in India

CSR: 3×3 Pro Basketball League Comes To India

Sports is an important component in socio-economic development of any country. It not only promotes productivity and fitness in the community but also helps in generating good leaders, reduces medical expenses, imbibes discipline and enhances social cohesion. Community participation in sport also represents the character and culture of a country. India does not have much...
Financial Inclusion in India

CSR: Financial Inclusion To Kick Off In Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned a digital India. In lieu of this the government is working hard towards bringing financial inclusion in every part of the country. In support of this initiative, Vodafone Foundation has launched Jaadu Ginni Ka - its financial literacy program to build a financially inclusive nation. Financial inclusion is the...
Milk Cows

CSR: Hypocrite Indians Say Yes To Milk, No To Beef

“Milk is very good for you,” said my mother while growing up. “It is important to have milk everyday to have strong body,” she said. Milk and its products have been associated with calcium and protein supplements. In a country where beef is officially banned in 24 of its states, siting it to be inhumane...
Children Eating at Nandhar

CSR: Nandghar For Women And Child Empowerment

Empowering rural women and children is required for the upliftment of their standard of living as well as the overall economic development of the country. An average village worker earns between 30-80 rupees a day. The amount is not enough in today’s market to provide for nutritious meals as well as proper healthcare and...
Drip irrigation

CSR: Efficient Irrigation Methods

India is one of the world’s largest food producers. This makes the sustainability of the country’s agriculture system of global importance. Groundwater irrigation has been respite to India’s agriculture sector, especially for places with low, or uneven rainfall. However, this has led to overexploitation of groundwater. According to the World Bank data, since 1980, groundwater...

CSR: Paying Price For Coffee

A cup of coffee is what it takes to be able to wake up and start the day for many of us. But what is the cost of that one cup of our beloved bitter concoction? Coffee is world’s second largest tradable commodity after oil. It is a multimillion dollar global industry and is constantly...

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