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Ease of Health Care Approach

By Dr. Swati Mahajan and Akshat Garg, AVPN The pandemic has had a silver lining – it reminded every stakeholder of the relevance of resilient, reliable, and professional healthcare, for all. While health for all has long been an aspiration goal for the Government of India and civil society, progress has often been slow and unsatisfactory. One...

What will be the next health crisis in India?

By Dr. Swati Mahajan and Akshat Garg In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) agreed on an ambitious Five Year Strategic Plan known as the ‘Triple Billion Targets’. Under this initiative, by the year 2023, the WHO proposes to achieve three targets: - 1 billion more people have access to universal health coverage - 1 billion more...

Role of the Private Sector in Supporting Access to Primary Healthcare

By Aravindan Srinivasan and Akshat Garg, AVPN Tomorrow is Universal Health Coverage Day. ‘Health for all’ is a cherished global vision that was first formalized in 1978 through the Alma Ata Declaration. Under the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, Goal 3 of “healthy lives and promotion of wellbeing for all at all ages”, forms...

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