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6th International Conference on CSR & Sustainable Development Concludes

With rising concerns around climate change, environment protection, ever-increasing pollution levels, and waste management, the role of new-age corporate businesses in addressing social challenges and promoting ethical business practices is gaining significant importance.
Keeping this as the focus, the School of Business Studies at Sharda University-hosted the 6th International Conference on CSR & Sustainable Development in Collaboration with APACCXO FORUM and Department of Social Work, Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani, Haryana.
The 2-day long conference was aimed at initiating serious conversations around sustainable development. As part of the forum, industry leaders discussed the role of modern businesses in building an economically prosperous and environmentally viable society. The event witnessed overwhelming participation by representatives from the corporates, government agencies, NGOs, civil society and academia. The participants aligned their thoughts on the responsibilities of citizens and businesses towards the overall society and discussed various frameworks to develop CSR practice across industries.
Inaugurating the conference, H.E. Milan Hovorka, Ambassador of Czech Republic to India said, “CSR activities are very essential to improve the quality of life. The concept of CSR should integrate human rights and act as a complementary concept to business profitability. While conducting CSR activities corporate should also keep in mind the complexities and interrelationship of various stakeholders and work towards a seamless and sustainable eco-system.”
6 technical sessions were conducted to address the importance of:
1. CSR & Sustainable Development
2. CSR Strategy & Sustainable Business Practices
3. CSR Compliances, Reporting and Government Interventions
4. CSR Projects in Education, Health, Livelihood and Women Empowerment
5. Environment Protection and Zero Waste CSR Projects Implementation
6. Role of Social Enterprises and Sustainable Development
Addressing the valedictory session, H.E. Tizita Mulugeta, Ambassador of Ethiopia to India said, “In today’s day and age, businesses are the engine of development thus, it is important for corporates to focus on people, planet and profit for overall business profitability. It is the responsibility of all to operate in more sustainable and responsible manner to see a better and prosperous tomorrow.