International Yoga Day

CSR: Promoting Healthy Lifestyle On International Yoga Day

Yoga and Ayurveda are interrelated branches that encompasses all of human life and the entire universe. Each has its unique place and function, but each overlaps into the other on various levels. Yoga and Ayurveda are two healing disciplines that are related to each other according to the Vedic literature in India. The natural sciences...
street food in india

CSR: Cleaning The Street Food

Food safety and hygiene is of paramount importance in order to prevent illnesses with focus on achieving the highest possible level of good health and well-being in India. Promoting hygienic food handling practices and increasing awareness on personal hygiene can help in building a strong foundation of good food habits amongst people. In an attempt to inculcate...
Sanitation infrastructure india

CSR: Building Awareness And Infrastructure For Sanitation

Kota of Rajasthan is the 25th largest district in India. The district located at the banks of river Chambal, is yet to achieve the tag of an Open Defecation Free district. Lack of awareness and proper infrastructure for sanitation has led many young students to fall sick forcing them to miss school. In a bid...
Congenital Heart Defects CHD

CSR: Healthcare For Children With CHD

Healthcare is critical to every individual irrespective of their income. However, the infrastructure of public healthcare in India is not enough to accommodate large number of patients. The private healthcare does not allow people with low income to get services for its high expenses. This results in many people to ignore healthcare for monetary...

CSR: Reducing The Malnutrition Figures For Children

India has the world’s highest burden of child malnutrition. The main reason has been income for the primary cause of the issue of malnutrition. Although investments are made and money is directed towards child welfare, there is only a marginal growth. Previous studies indicate that countries that have higher gender inequality have poorer health...
Children nutrition education

CSR: Nutrition To Encourage Education

Nutrition is an important aspect of every growing economy. According to UNICEF, 20 per cent of children under five years of age suffer from wasting due to acute under nutrition in India. More than one third of the world’s children who are wasted live in India. Forty-three per cent of Indian children under five...
Sanitary Napkins for menstruation

CSR: Removing Stigma Around Menstruation

Talking about menstruation has always been a taboo in India. And menstrual hygiene has been almost non-existent in several parts of the country. Menstruation is considered to be impure in many religions. This has made even the most educated people to believe and enforce that a menstruating woman should avoid worship places. In many communities...
Child birth in India

Healthcare For Child Birth On CSR Agenda

Child birth is a difficult yet an exciting phase especially for first time parents. It is that precious experience that every couple looks forward to with lots of expectations. However, it is very vital for the child and mother’s health. The duo could face life long ailments if they are not subjected to proper...

CSR: Balanced Diets For Balanced Minds

In the wake of India’s falling rank in the Global Hunger Index, The International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Food Relief Foundation, Haryana had launch a campaign against hunger, “#ZeroHungerHaryana” in the state. According to its government’s Vision 2030 Document, released by the state Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, hunger eradication from the state is one of...

CSR: Tackling Malnutrition Systematically and Holistically

Child and maternal malnutrition continues to be the most challenging risk factor for health loss in India, according to the Economic Survey for 2017-18.  The Survey noted however that there has been significant improvement in the health status of the individual as life expectancy at birth has increased by approximately 10 years from 1990...

CSR: Life Of Firefighters

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” asked a teacher to her class of third graders. ‘Doctor’ ‘Engineer’ ‘Pilot’ ‘Shahrukh Khan’, came the answers of the students. No one said, ‘Firefighter’. Not even Manav whose father was one. The job of a firefighter is daring and challenging. It involves risk of accidents,...
Reading for blind

CSR: Simply Reading Without Seeing

Dependence on others for reading and writing is one of the biggest hurdle in the way of education, employment and leading an independent life, especially in case of people living with visual disabilities and low vision.  To empower persons with visual disabilities, the DAISY Consortium has developed the "Simply Reading” app as part of...

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