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Disha Skill Sakhis

CSR programmes successfully addressing mobilisation

Mobilisation entails not only getting people to enrol, but also ensuring that the right people, in terms of ability, interests and expectations, participate in programmes. For both companies and NGOs, an inability to mobilise properly results in a failure to meet targets and, more importantly, excludes potential beneficiaries who would be in need of...

SRMB Steel trains 15,000 Mason Workers at Pan India Level under its Program ‘Unnati’

SRMB Steel trains over 15,000 workers under its Mason Training program ‘Unnati’. The skill building certificate workshop is conducted for masons on good construction practices, under the guidance of a technical institute. Started in the year 2013, Unnati conducts the program where industry experts provide information about the newest trends and practices. With the aim of enhancing...
machine learning

Trend: Machine Learning For CSR Research

Content analysis has emerged as a useful tool for conducting CSR research. While having been useful for CSR research, the popular content analysis approaches alone are less effective for the analysis of big data, which may include millions (or billions) of rows of text. Today, corporate reports and sustainability disclosures are increasingly available in digital...
Time zone

CSR: Single Time Zone in India causing hinderance in National Development

Poverty and Education are two issues that India is struggling with for decades. Many reasons have been listed for causing these problems in the country, including overpopulation, lack of awareness, gender inequality, corruption, and many more. However, new research suggests that a single time zone in the entire country also plays a role in...
Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education: A Head Start to Learning

While the schooling years sets the trajectory for learning and development, the years that precede the start of the primary schooling age are considered to lay down the early foundations for this learning and development. Year after year, the ASER report has chalked out the learning deficit posing serious questions on the efficacy of...
Marthal from Chennai

CSR: Chennai slum girl saved by soccer

23-year-old Marthal is an accountant at a BPO in Chennai. While for many in her community of Vyasarpadi, the job of an accountant might be coveted, Marthal has bigger dreams. The slums of Vyasarpadi in Chennai have been infamous for crime and its decrepit status. For the longest time, children were an extension of the...

We strongly believe in engaging, educating and empowering: TC Hota, Executive Vice President, BIPF

“No business, big or small, in present Indian society, can run without spending on peripheral development and local patronage,” believes T C Hota, Executive Vice President, Bansidhar and Ila Panda Foundation (BIPF). He goes on to add that the allocation of funds for social responsibility should be decided by the corporate house instead. A professional...

Need for Overcoming the ‘Learning Deficit’

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is well known for waking us to the grim realities of our learning system. What has changed from the early years of ASER, when its findings were viewed with scepticism, is that now there is general acceptance of the learning crisis. However, little has changed in the...
Danfoss RAC

Danfoss India unveils an advanced RAC lab and training

Reiterating the company’s commitment towards Engineering Tomorrow’s India and fostering the talent of young RAC technicians, Danfoss India has unveiled its latest Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab and Training Centre at Swami Vivekananda Rural Community College, Puducherry. The new set comprises of a fully equipped RAC workshop, 3 training rooms and a project room....
NASSCOM CSR conference

NASSCOM Foundation hosts The CSR Leadership Conference in Mumbai

According to a report by Accenture, 95% of the workforce believes that it needs new skills to remain relevant. Addressing the critical question of how CSR could help in re-skilling the workforce, a conference by NASSCOM Foundation called for an innovative approach, aided with intelligent technologies, to help people develop future-ready skills. The CSR...
Kia CSR Press release

Kia launches ‘Green Light Project’ in India

Kia Motors has started its first ‘Green Light Project’ corporate social responsibility program in India with a two-week volunteer program in Anantapur District, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. In partnership with the regional government, the company is undertaking a series of projects to support vocational training and education at three educational institutions in...
Digital Agriculture in India

CSR: 7 Agriculture Apps to Support Digital Farming

India is going digital in every sector at a remarkable speed. The launch of ‘Digital India’ by the government has ensured that the process is accelerated. Considering the fact that the livelihoods of 58% of rural households still rely on agriculture, it was only a matter of time before agriculture too became digital. In 2015,...

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