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Digital literacy in Rural India

Digital Literacy For Rural Upliftment

India is estimated to be the economic superpower of the future. Globalization has empowered the country and its youth to grow significantly. However, large percentage of India’s population still remains un-impacted to this progress. This is because of lack of digital literacy in the rural India. In India, approximately 40% population is living below poverty...
India's first electric locomotive

CSR: India Flags Off Its First E-loco Manufacturing Facility

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the ‘Make in India’ Madhepura Electric Locomotive Facility to the nation and remotely flagged off the country’s first all-electric locomotive from Madhepura in Bihar. Railway is responsible for generating 22 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide every year. The railways had been working towards electrifying its major routes in order to...

CSR: Educating All For A Transformative Change

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE), is an Act of the Parliament of India, which was enacted on 4 August 2009. According to the website, it describes the modalities of the importance of free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 in...
Assam children community development

Community Development In The North East For CSR

India is the fastest growing economy in world. Statements like these are often made these days. And they are not false. India is really developing at a great speed. But with India growing up so fast as a country, we as its citizens have to grow too. It is not really progress if only...
Child Safety

Child Safety On The CSR Agenda

It hasn’t been long since the terror of Blue Whale game had taken the teenagers and children across the globe by a storm. In India too several teenagers were victimized by the game and committed suicide. The children are the future of our nation and their safety should be the biggest concern. It does...
Street food India

CSR: Teaching Hygiene To Street Food Vendors

Street food vending is integral part of every culture in the world. In India, street food represents a whole different cuisine, energy and vigor. It is almost as good as a festival or a religion. The Annual turnover of the street food industry in Mumbai has been noted as INR 1590 crores according to...
Board exam stress

CSR: Take Breaks to Deal With Exam Stress

Exam stress is a significant problem in India. With rising competition the exam time is almost like a nightmare for many students. The students unable to cope with the stress of scoring well and meeting the expectations of teachers and parents have even turned to violent measures like suicide. According to the latest data...

CSR: Scalability And PPP For Inclusion From The Grassroots

For any child a holistic makeover should include a complete transformation in the built environment. A good balance of emotional well-being, nutrition for the body and tracking progress in education. Along with the need in an infrastructural boost, we have to reform the current public education system in some of these government schools and...
Disability Inclusion

CSR: Inclusion In Education For Human Rights

According to the Disability Inclusion Act of the Indian constitution, the children with disability have equal rights to be educated with the children without disability. It also states that, special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular environment occurs only when the nature or severity of disability is...
Solar Panels - Renewable Energy

Solar Lab Inaugurated In The Capital

Energy is depleting. Since the industrial revolution and many inventions that have made our lives easier, the demand for the raw materials and natural resources have increased drastically. This has led to deforestation, destruction of ecosystems and depletion of many natural resources. According to The World Counts, there are only about 36 years or so...
Road Saftey

Teaching Road Safety At A Tender Age

Road safety is a serious concern in India. With a large population density and almost non-existent traffic sense, mishaps are a common happening in India. The country is in its developing stage. The infrastructure is improving at a lightning fast speed in most of the major cities of the country. However, along with that many more...
Skill Development for snoozing security guards

Skill Development – A Path to Future

Skill development is the need of the hour for every individual. With Artificial intelligence taking over lot of human jobs, it is important for everyone to stay updated. Of course AI will generate many more jobs, but there would be a different skill set required to be able to do them. India is a developing...

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