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The Blind Street Vendor Who Founded A Million Dollar Company

Bhavesh Bhatia, had little vision while growing up. He was Born with retina muscular deterioration and his sight only grew worse with time. At the age of 23 he lost his vision completely. He worked as a hotel  manager and tried hard to save money for his mother’s treatment, who was suffering from cancer....

Cycling For Education Of The Girl Child

A group of 18 employees of a private bank will cycle 1,000 kilometres as part of an awareness drive to raise money for educating 549 students in a school located in Rasoolpura. The team, two of whom hail from Hyderabad, will cover Kurnool, Tirupati, Ongloe and Vijayawada in 10 days. At Tirupati, the cyclists will...

Circumnavigating The Planet To Enable Young Girls From India To Fly

Is there anything more liberating than flight? Does the sky have borders, boundaries, glass ceilings? A woman has recently done the unthinkable. For India. For the daughters of India. For you and me. The Earth we walk on, the skies we aspire to take to. ‘WE! Women Empower’ is an initiative by, of and for...

Empowering Entrepreneurship for Social Good

It is well known fact that India is a country of opposites. However, the paradox in entrepreneurship is rather inconspicuous .What is alarming is however is that while Indians are inherently entrepreneurial and they find it very difficult to set up and run businesses with ease. Constraints like access to technical knowledge, finance, market...

An Attempt To Make E-governance Schemes Beneficial

The Narendra Modi government, since its inception in 2014, has emphasized the importance of India taking up the digital revolution. In 2015, PM Modi had launched Digital India, a campaign to ensure that government services are available to citizens through an improved online interface. It was a way of ensuring that the government and...

Mandate Provides An Added Impetus To Attain A Goal: N.S.Kannan, Executive Director, ICICI Bank Ltd

" The cornerstone of our CSR philosophy has always been to promote inclusive growth. The leadership resource we have can be deployed on field," says N.S.Kannan, Executive Director, ICICI Bank, while in conversation with The CSR Journal. As the mandate provideds an added push, it is important to track employability as well as income generation growth; as...

Considerations for a systems practitioner

In the first piece of this three-part series, I introduced the relevance of systems thinking for development and CSR. The second piece talked about how systems thinking can be applied in practice with a range of approaches and methodologies. In this concluding piece, I will reflect on some of the skills-sets desired in a...

To Access CSR Funds Is A Very Big Challenge: Dr. Subhadra Anand, CEO, Save The Children India

Dr. Subhadra Anand, CEO, Save The Children India, talks about the challenges faced in the education sector and in the provision of quality education to all children. She emphasised the importance of collaboration with other organisations with the same vision. "Without working with other organisations, it is impossible to increase your reach and impact",...

Lack Of Quality Education In India: ASER

The quality of education provided to children in India is on a downward spiral, according to the Annual Status of Education Report 2016 (ASER). This survey is a household-based survey being conducted since 2005

65 Yrs Old Mettlesome Taxi Driver Educates Underprivileged Children

Being forced to back out of school at the age of 7, Gazi Jalaludin had a clear mission; no other child should be deprived the power of education. From begging on the streets of Kolkata during his childhood to now being the man responsible for the free education of over 425 underprivileged children in West Bengal, he is a true hero and a person of mettle.

Major Gaps In Public Education System: AVPN Report

Anil Swarup, in his keynote address, shared best practices in education from across India and stressed on the need to adopt them to scale.

Empower Literacy Socially In A Digital World

To ensure the inclusion of rural areas and help them understand digital payments meetings at all levels such as branch offices, gram sabhas and gram panchayats so as to ensure they walk in sync with the rest of the nation in financial growth and literacy.

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