Home Press Release #LEAVENOMOTHERBEHIND, an unconventional Mother’s Day initiative by Ketto India

#LEAVENOMOTHERBEHIND, an unconventional Mother’s Day initiative by Ketto India

This Mother’s Day, Ketto India kicked-off a campaign #LeaveNoMotherBehind by enlightening the Mothers who lack the presence of family in their life. Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform Ketto decided to shower love on mothers by making their day full of happiness and surprises. 1.31 Lakh elderly mothers find themselves abandoned every year in India and that motivated Ketto India to acknowledge their presence in the society.
Mothers have always been concerned with our wants since birth, but as we become older, it is our duty to fulfill our mother’s wishes. Ketto tried to fulfill all their wishes and spread happiness around them, from feeding home cooked food to her child, traveling to the beach with her loved one, meeting her basic requirements like clothes and medicines, to making her meet a Bollywood star, Kunal Kapoor.
“It is impossible to repay a mother’s priceless favors. #LeaveNOMotherbehind is about change and accepting the mother who has been forgotten by their child. The very least one can do is bring them the joy and happiness they deserve. Ketto aims at fulfilling the needs and desires of the needy but is also determined at uplifting the society, said Varun Sheth, CEO and Co-founder of Ketto India.
The world will never be able to thank mothers enough for being excellent role models and mentors, guiding their children through life’s ups and downs. Ketto India believes that a mother’s love is never limited, so why should one’s care and affection for her be?


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