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Tata Tea’s Latest Jaago Re Initiative Urges People To Lend A Helping Hand To Support Staff In Their COVID-19 Vaccination Journey

Tata Tea launched its latest edition of #JaagoRe, Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe with an aim to spread awareness on a cause which is the need of the hour in the current state of Pandemic – urging people to lend a helping hand to those who have been a support in our daily life.
Taking an extension from last year’s initiative Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe, Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe aims to sensitize people and urge them to help those who may need support in their Covid-19 vaccination journey. The initiative calls on individuals to come forward and offer assistance to everyday workers like maids, drivers, security guards and gardeners who may not have access to the right resources, platforms to register for their vaccination or may have limited access to knowledge on vaccination.
At present people may be facing various challenges in their vaccination attempt, including lack of awareness, Covid19-related misconceptions, digital divide, technology, and language barriers. Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe is hopeful of addressing some of these by aiming to spread awareness and facilitating change. The initiative will involve:
– Spreading awareness and inspiring others to help their support staff and people around them to get vaccinated through digital outreach and leveraging authentic influencers on Social media.
– Facilitating information, which involves a dedicated microsite offering vaccination-related information, resources, and support tips
– Tying up with volunteer groups and NGOs to help the less privileged in their vaccination journey.
Over the years, Tata Tea’s #JaagoRe initiative has become a clarion call for social awakening, with the brand and platform inspiring and facilitating genuine changes for a better society.
Commenting on the initiative, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India & South Asia), said,JaagoRe has always been instrumental in addressing large social issues collectively by spreading awareness and inspiring people to take action. This time, we are focused on protecting those who help us every day by assisting them in their vaccination efforts. The initiative will involve spreading awareness on the need to vaccinate, education and relevant tips, association with community partners to motivate people and finally take a pledge to encourage others to take similar action. Through this initiative, we are aiming to do our bit in supplementing the country in its vaccination drive because we believe that no one is safe till everyone is safe.”
As has been the success of the previous editions of Jaago Re, Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe aims to be a catalyst platform to complement the ongoing efforts of the administration, to attain the ‘Vaccination for all’ goal.
Log on to https://www.jaagore.com/issbaarsabkeliye to know more on guidelines to extend help and to pledge your support.
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