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Tata Motors launches ‘Wheels of Love’, a Holistic Programme to Support Parenthood

Tata Motors today announced the launch of ‘Wheels of Love’, a holistic programme that supports new parents in their exciting journey both as a parent and also as a valued employee while promoting a progressive culture of care, inclusion and sensitization within the organization across levels.
Also presented in the form of a specially curated book, ‘Wheels of Love’ puts forth various tenets to enable new and expectant parents to successfully manage the need to focus on their growing family while also fulfilling their career goals. In addition to guiding parents, the books also provide valuable insights for managers to support their team members as they progress through the various stages of parenthood.
Announcing the launch of ‘Wheels of Love’, Mr. Ravindra Kumar G.P., Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Motors, said, “At Tata Motors, we have embraced diversity and inclusion at all levels as a strategy to success.  Over the years, we have strived to cultivate a gender diverse workspace, which is both sensitive and inclusive. It’s built on the foundation of creating an ecosystem that is attractive and supportive to women professionals at various stages of their life and career. ‘Wheels of Love’ takes this thinking forward by creating a cohesive network of connect, warmth and support for new and expectant parents to enjoy the bliss of parenthood.” 
Amongst the key aspects covered in the programme are:
– Announcing pregnancy at workplace, understanding the manager’s dilemma, effective management of work deliverables, job handover, maternity leave management and transition back to work
– Mother and Manager guides to help navigate through the various phases of maternity, becoming a parent and transitioning back to work
– Dedicated Counselling Sessions for new parents to address emotional and psychological challenges that may arise
– One-to-one coaching sessions for pregnant/new mothers and their managers to manage work transitions
– Assigning a Buddy to the new mothers to keep in touch with her workplace during the maternity break
– Employee Resource Groupsa special community of new parents, to engage, share learnings and experiences
– Webinars on relevant topics, including guidance on preparing for newborns, childcare responsibilities for dual-career couples, and much more
Tata Motors will continue to prioritize Diversity and Inclusion to leverage the collective strength of its workforce to create innovative business solutions to enhance the community and contribute to the overall growth of the country.

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